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  1. Sometimes sending an email to a specific notebook can be a pain in the rear. Can you give an example of the title of a notebook that you're having trouble emailing messages to?
  2. Yeah. The only work around that's worked for me -- granted it's not a huge issue for me -- is copying and pasting the note plaintext into a new note and reuploading the attachment/photo. Granted, that method potentially wastes a lot of upload bandwidth (depending on whether or not you're on a free or Premium account). But, I've noticed that that uploading/attaching the file after writing plaintext doesn't warp the formatting of the plaintext. Is this the same for you?
  3. Hey APin5, I too have had issues with formatting text in notes with attachments, specifically with text alignment. I'm running Version 5.4.0 Beta 2 (401936) for Mac OS X, and I was wondering if it were an issue exclusive to the Mac 5.4 Beta. Hopefully these issues are resolved in later builds. - J.
  4. That's a really good question, my friend. I happen to have a few notebooks that I use for my reading notes, but instead of having a separate notebook for each book, I too use tags to organize each book I read. While I don't go so far as to create a separate chapter subtag for each book, I do tend to group all of my notes by chapter, thus eliminating the issue you're facing, and thus saving me a few tags in the long run. So every time I write a note on a book (say, for example, I were reading Moby-Dick) I would add the book's tag to the note. When I go to search my note for other information, I just use this search query: tag:"moby dick" chapter 3This works, assuming the words chapter 3 appear in the context of the note I'm searching for. I really don't bother with nested tags for each chapter or section. If I did, I would have to include my parent tag as well; that's just the way the cookie crumbles. The key point here, though is that nested tagging is mainly for organization, as jefito points out in this post. Let me know if that makes sense or if you'd like me to clarify. Happy reading (and tagging)! - J.
  5. Hi Andy, Hmm... I don't seem to be having that issue at all. On which platforms are you experiencing this issue, e.g., Windows, OSX, Web, iOS, Android, &c.? When you say that you are "no longer able to open" your notebooks, does that mean that you click on them and nothing happens (i.e., no notes appear), or are the notebooks not showing up at all? If you follow up, we might be able to help you better. I know I'd be pretty frustrated if my notebooks wouldn't open! :-) Best, - J.
  6. Here's a link to some information about keyboard shortcuts in OS X: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343 I know that sometimes the characters for each of the meta keys are hard to remember; I find myself mixing up the Option key and Control key characters all the time! Hope this helps!
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