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  1. +1 Something about the sync between Remember the Milk and Evernote was causing me to get reminders at midnight on my Android devices, probably because I didn't set a time on the due date. I really don't want to be notified at all, I just want to set a due date in Evernote and have it set the same due date in RTM. I've looked everywhere in the Android app for a place to turn off notifications without avail. Essentially, I don't need the reminder feature; I need a due date feature.
  2. Thanks for the info, very interesting. Wasn't able to find anything in the database tables though. Lots of hex codes and blobs. How do I vote for this enhancement?
  3. No, it doesn't appear in the web client. How do I access and edit the database in the local file system?
  4. Someone said in a separate topic that they had inadvertently pasted their password into the search box and now can't get rid of it. For them, clearing the recent searches would be a priority obviously. Where is it actually stored, in the Registry? Or in a database table in the cloud? It would be nice to know how to clear it, even if it's unintuitive.
  5. Nope. Click in the search bar, where it says "Search all notes". A list of "Recent searches" appears. Right-click on one of those search items and nothing happens. This is Windows client,
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