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  1. I've been using Evernote since 2007 with over 10,000 notes. Simple, flexible and reliable is my why! But recently implemented things like sketchnotes in Evernote on iPad have been disappearing mid-meeting. Embarrassing and frustrating. I feel like a rebel forces pilot in Empire Strikes Back, "Stay on Evernote, stay on Evernote, 💥". Help me EVN4iPadv0.1 team - users need reliable. It's about trust. Mid-meeting key point by client. Note gone. Ahhhhrrrrrr.
  2. Dark mode update today YAY. 3 years of users reporting drag and drop no longer works without a fix. NAY. Thousands of screenshots later - I've been using Skitch and Evernote for 12 years since 2007, so close to moving.... Are there any Evernote/Skitch developers on here?
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