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  1. Same problem continues. Screenshots via Web Clipper will not merge with an older note. Tried 5 times. Only retains title but no image. Just upgraded to latest Evernote version before trying the above.
  2. Same problem of slowness at launch on my iPhone 8+. Both the notes take forever to load, and the menu choices in the bottom left will not respond. Makes Evernote unusable in a classroom situation where I'm doing a screen-mirroring presentation on a large screen. Same lagging without screen-mirroring as well. Please fix this!
  3. Well, thanks for that clarification. Your earlier response sounded like an apologetic from Evernote. Thanks for actively responding on this forum with your wealth of knowledge and as one of us hoi polloi. By the way, is there a way to encrypt data WITHIN Evernote--say, just one note? I haven't dabbled on the encryption side of things except what is done automatically on the side of software/internet-based companies.
  4. Yes, I certainly acknowledge that I've been so busy searching for alternatives, that I haven't taken the time to check back with Evernote on this reversed policy. Who'd a thunk it. Secondly, it was a tempest, but it certainly wasn't a teapot. It brought your company to a halt on this matter, and you engaged reverse thrusters. Eleven pages of discussion here and all over the rest of the internet definitely tells me your teapot had an upset. OK, that's water under the bridge; but it's encouraged me to be more vigilant as to the privacy of my data, even on Evernote. Thanks for the encryption and NSA reminders; but honestly, I did watch Snowden. Cheers, JCD
  5. Johnny-come-lately here. I agree with the above user (but would substitute "calmed" for "claimed" of course). I'm a paying customer, and have been a devoted customer for six years. However, due to the new policy stating a lapse in privacy, I've been looking for other note-storage alternatives over the year, and just today came across Zoho Notebook. While researching that very attractive alternative (and just about to jump ship), I just happened to come across the news of Evernote's backtrack to NOT allow employees to read customers' content. OK, I'm staying on. But, Evernote, you just dodged a bullet with another customer. I highly suggest you put this news on a higher priority exposure to your customer base. No telling how many others are out there in the same status as I've been.
  6. I also register my dislike to the new list format for notebooks. The previous format was much more user-friendly, enabling me to see my groups at a glance. Now, this multiple scrolling to get to my notebook is time-consuming and cumbersome. I vote for the previous boxes/grid view. At the least give us the option of choosing one or the other.
  7. Having read dozens of internet postings on this subject, most of us MAC users are well aware of the work-around. Having to re-sort all the notes in the notebook (or fake-editing them to get them to sort chronologically) is a major time-consuming pain, especially if you actively merge notes often. There's the rub. I just was putting in a plug to make the MAC software equal to the efficiency of PC-Windows for this feature. Thanks for your concern for taking the time to reply to this. Cheers.
  8. Log your request and upvote the problem for solving here. I think EN is waiting for the vote to get their attention, albeit there seems to be A LOT more complaints spread throughout the internet on this issue.
  9. 14 months later after the opening request at the top: Please allow MAC to do the same simple merge-order function as PC-Windows! Yes, I've already upvoted. Every work-around is an inefficient pain in the backside, especially for those of us who merge frequently. I tend to think that the upvote count here is a tip of the iceberg. Just Google the problem to see how many complaints are coming from Mac users on this issue.
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