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  1. I would like this feature very much as well. Thanks!
  2. Any progress on this front? I'm using Chrome and web clipper 6.0.3 and clipping gmails still isn't working. When I try in the normal message view, it doesn't clip the right text. And then when I use print view, I can't get the web clipper to actually clip the message.
  3. Yes, this is very annoying. It's frustrating to see how many people have been complaining about this and the problem isn't fixed. I don't want shared notes in the sidebar--they are very distracting. Please include an option to hide them!
  4. Am I seriously the only one having this problem? I really want these tags gone.
  5. I just upgraded to Evernote 5 on my Windows machine at work. I like it, except that now it's showing in the sidebar all the tags created by other users in shared notebooks as tagname (username). It's really clogging up the sidebar, and it won't let me move the tags into groups (I guess because they don't belong to me). This doesn't happen on Evernote for mac. Any way to get rid of these?
  6. I really hope the next version of web clipper for Safari doesn't require the Acrobat plug-in. I find the Adobe plug-in makes PDF reading in Safari almost impossible--it makes it very difficult to control scrolling between pages. I can't deal with it and have it disabled right now, which means that I'm not getting the full functionality from web clipper. Please fix.
  7. Any progress on this front? I'd like to get the new version, but to manually download and install on my work computer requires me to call up the IT people and have someone enter the admin password, which is a pain. Way easier to just autoupdate, but I keep checking and it tells me I have the latest version. It does that even when I check "Update to pre-release version when available." What's the holdup here?
  8. When it is updated, I really hope that they fix it so that you can clip PDFs without using the Adobe plugin. The Adobe PDF plugin on mac is awful--it's buggy and the scrolling is all messed up. I had disabled it long ago because Safari's built-in PDF reader was so much better, but then I had to turn it back on because web clipper wouldn't work without Adobe. Please fix this.
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