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  1. So the latest update made it a bit less smooth to easily, quickly indent bullet points, with shift + tab on a bullet allowing complete bullet removal instead of going back a bullet. It slows down and makes the process less smooth. Revert back for the next update? PS where does this topic go? Par
  2. After rebooting my computer and opening Evernote, with more material this time (main window, plus two original notes that were giving me problems) - Evernote is only taking 244 MB of RAM. I don't know how to explain that...a memory leak or something took too much RAM originally? evb things were just running slower and my fan was making my laptop kind of loud. I'm glad now that it is taking less resources.
  3. Hi Jefito, I don't fully understand how memory works in a computer. I've attached a breakdown by resource monitor of Evernotes usage. I divided my content into a smaller note and I just have the one note open (characters 1442, images 105, size 35.6 MB)...and now Evernote is taking 601 MB. Are you guys experiencing memory usage as high as I am? By the way thanks GrumpyMonkey for your replies too!
  4. 600 MB is considered normal? It is a very heavy use of memory.
  5. Hello, My note of 58 MB in size, and containing 192 images, is currently taking slightly more than 600 MB of memory on my laptop. Is this considered normal? What can be done to reduce this heavy memory allocation? Thanks, Par
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