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  1. I think that one of the reasons why EN for Android still doesn't have the text encryption feature is that devs didn't figure out where to put it accordingly. But I think that a great place to put it is in the formatting toolbar, because it is already related to selected text. Please don't tell me that you can't code the encryption algorithm in the Android app because it can compute almost anything that a computer does, and in terms of text manipulation it is a piece of cake to do that.
  2. Hello, Evernote team! Will this issue be considered? Or are we fated to live with that UX change for now on?
  3. Hello. I'd like to say that I didn't appreciate too much the change on the user experience when selecting the Notebook for a note. (Version 7.15) Before, it showed last used notebooks, but not anymore. Besides that, current screen takes a long time to load so user has to wait before being able to make any choice. I currently have 185 notebooks grouped under 15 notebook groups.
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