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  1. I've been using IE for the last two days and the error has stopped happening. it is a pity that Evernote doesn't work with the world's most widely used browser. However, I'm going to stick with these guys with IE for now. Only because I love their android widget. But this will be the last straw, it something else happens, I'm out. Thanks for the guidance guys.
  2. IE Is giving me a new error. It keeps saying "Could not save note" it is not saving any of my changes. It's too much work. I am moving to another app. This is really bad. I have recommended this app to a lot of my work contacts. This makes me look bad too.
  3. No I haven't I'll try IE today.
  4. I'm running evernote on Chrome and ANdroid... i use it as my primary note taking app and it has been fine until the last few months.Now it jsut duplicates my notes and moves them up or down in the web version. I don't know which one is the latest version. I takes me a lot of time to look for the latest version. I am going to go ahead and try a Microsoft and Google alternative. If they don't fix these issues soon. I will stop working with them.
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