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  1. Well, I just upgraded to Yozmite (clean install) and used Apple's migration tool to get my stuff over from another hard drive (AFTER updating to 10.10.1) and EN seems to be working just fine. Of course, from what I've seen, I won't be surprised at all if it stops working next week because the alpha particle discharge in the local area changes significantly, but I'm still glad I'm not paying for beta-ware. Fabulous app - if it were only reliable.
  2. Not even version 6.0.1_451119 fixes startup crash for me.
  3. This was a hot topic a year ago. I'm still having the problem and it obviously hasn't been solved in the last year. This is a fab product when it works. Glad I'm not paying for it.
  4. Hi JB2, Yes, I realize how difficult to delete something completely from everywhere, eg, google, inyourFacebook, dropbox, etc. Thus my question. This ain't my first rodeo in the cloud - this is a big issue everywhere once your bits leave your LAN. I don't even do backups anymore since I know the NSA has one in Utah. I just haven't figured how to do the restore yet ;-) Thanks for the helpful reply.
  5. I did a search before posing but didn't find anything, so please forgive if this has been answered in an obscure topic. I accidentally made an entry in a notebook containing some very sensitive information. I deleted it. When I emptied the trash I noticed that emptying could be undone. How do I delete an entry forever from everywhere within the Evernotisphere?
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