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  1. Thanks you thank you thank you. The "new" interface is a HUGE STEP BACK. I hope they won't take it away!
  2. Like user humabala pointed out, practically all other web editing clients, including but not limited to Office365 and Google Docs have implemented a fully functional table management including alignment, editing on cell, row or column level, merging and splitting cells, changing border properties. Evernote looks like something from the stone age. I can't help thinking they are just trying to force people to use the client in order to sell subscription (most people need 3 clients these days, one for phone, one for laptop and one for desktop).
  3. Never mind, made the change to OneNote. No longer interested.
  4. Shortcuts are static. Tabs are dynamic. As I wrote before: show me any current browser that doesn't have tabbed browsing. Same for things like notepad+, shell clients, Office suites, all apps have some form of tabbed interface, why is it so difficult to add to Evernote?
  5. I agree with others, the mods here come across as very defensive and clieque'ish. How about just acknowledging that a tabbed interface would be a good idea. Just look at browsers, all the major browsers have tabbed browsing now.
  6. Show me one browser that does not have tabbed browsing available these days. Yes you can open multiple windows, but that's not the same. +1 for a tabbed interface.
  7. You could say exactly the same about browsers, "just open a new window" yet, do you know of any browser today that doesn't support tabs? +1 vote for tabbed notes. Yes I know about search and stacks but often I need to switch repeatedly between 3-4-5 different notes, a single click on a tab would be much preferable from having to search for them every time, or look for different windows.
  8. My point was that someone suggested that nobody from EN was monitoring this topic, and that obviously doesn't seem to be the case. But go ahead and defend this bug, that seems to be rather simple and that they've had years to fix "to your heart's content". Stop being so defensive. I'm using EN, it has potential to be a great and useful app, but this is an abysmal bug and it's very frustrating that it's being ignored like this.
  9. Someone suggested ditching this POS in favor of MS OneNote. That suggestion is no longer there so obviously someone is monitoring this topic even though there are no replies forthcoming from EN. I expect this post will be deleted as soon as they see it as well. Would be nice if instead of hiding the problems they'd do something about it.
  10. AAARRGHHH!!! I had a long list of things to do in a Evernote note, then wanted to change them to "to do notes" (tickboxes) - highlighted the list and clicked the tickbox as is normal in all other windows apps, normally it would just change the list to tick boxes but here it DELETED MY WHOLE LIST. This is definitely a show stopper for me!! I just lost my whole to do list!!!! And I just realize I can hit ctrl-Z and undo the dumb tickbox but it doesn't bring back my list. This is USELESS. How can a huge bug like this, that has obviously been known and pointed out for a long time just be ignored??? Actually after checking some more it seems this is a particular BUG with the tickboxes. If I highlight a list and tick either ordered or bulleted list, it correctly converts the list, but if I click the tickbox it deletes the list and replaces it with a tickbox. Also when the tickbox is clicked it should start a list - it doesn't. It just opens a single tickbox. Next line is back to normal list again. Poor.
  11. I don't see any way of doing that from the web interface?
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