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  1. Yeah that would be nice - but it's not and I don't think we will see it within Evernote soon. The way I handle this is using the reminder for the actual time I want to be reminded (e.g. when I need to do or prepare something) and write in the Title: DUE YYYY-MM-DD - Followed by the Title. Example: "DUE 2013-09-30 - Finish Project X and Give Status Report to Big Boss" This Way you can also sort your dues in chronological order - also pretty handy for checking what to do in the upcoming week when I am preparing my weeks workload. I even created a saved search with: "inTitle:DUE" for this. Thanks fort that. saved searches sound like they might be useful. Not sure of you can do that on the new iOS version?
  2. Sorry if this has come up before, but is there any reason a note can't have an optional field called 'Due Date'. This strikes me as something that would be easy enough to implement, and would be hugely useful used in conjunction with Reminders. i.e. if I have a note that something needs doing by the end of the week, its handy to be reminded before the end of the week.
  3. I'm new to EN, so not sure where it was in the past. As far as I can tell, if you have a note, you can tap the star icon to flag it as a shortcut. And then Shortcuts will appear in the home screen. Te shortcuts box is not visible on the home screen if you have none flagged as a shortcut. I think that's new - i.e. if you have no tags, or shortcuts, then the box for them does not appear on the home screen.
  4. I've looked at Evernote in the past but never quite gotten on with it, but absolutely love the new iOS version. Its all it needs to be in a simple, clear elegant design. At least for me - my needs aren't too complicated. I just need a store for fairly simple text notes, and the ability to flag some things up using reminders and notifications. Apologies first - I know reminders / to dos have come up before, but just wanted to go through how I've got it working well enough for me in iOS, which may not be how it was or wasn't possible before. And to see if anyone has any other suggestions, or little things I may have missed. Basically what I'm doing is creating notebooks as normal, and have a tag called 'To Do List'. So I can view all my To Do's by selecting that tag from the home screen. And my To Dos are the notes I set a Reminder for. So far, so good. I think now things below are more feature requests if any EN people read this. But it may be worth posting here in case anyone gets what I'm going on about and has any suggestions to do things differently. 1. Viewing a list of all Reminders On the iPhone I can do this by tapping on All Notes from the home screen and then the Reminder icon in the footer. It would be handy to have this as a shortcut from the home screen. On the iPad I can essentially do the same, but the Reminder icon is top left, and it displays them as an overlay, rather than taking up the full screen. Not sure what other people think, but I think I'd prefer it if tapping the Reminder icon acted as a filter, and displayed them all in the same full page style as any other list of notes. So tap on the Reminder icon to only show Reminders (and give it the green background to indicate that), tap it again to show all notes, without the green background to the icon. 2. Sorting Reminders At the moment you can sort by Upcoming or by Date. If you sort by upcoming, it lists them by Notebook. But if you list them by Date, it does not. This is obviously an issue of space, as it would be impractical to list the notebook name multiple times. A solution might be to be able to associate a colour with each Notebook (as you can for different calendars in a calendar app.) This way, when listed by date, the colour could appear to the left of the Reminder name either as a dot or a thin vertical line. 3. The one thing I have really struggled to find in these sorts of productivity apps is a Due Date field in addition to the reminder. I don't know why it should be so problematic to just add a field 'Due Date', so that a reminder can be set in advance of when something is due. I appreciate all the stuff about EN not wanting to become a full project management tool, but the addition of a Due Date field seems straightforward enough and would be incredibly useful. Having a Due Date which could appear just next to the Update and Created fields in the More Info view would be fantastic. Lastly, on the subject of the home screen which a lot of people don't seem to like. It does seem to jar with the rest of the app. If it was up to me, I'd make that panel the same style as the old one with the brighter green, along with all the little icons floating around. And then have semi transparent (but enough for the text to be legible obviously) boxes with square corners and the background image blurred out underneath. And if you scroll down, I'd have the Quick Note box slide off the bottom of the screen, as a scroll would indicate you weren't about to use it, so it can get out of the way. Basically the way it looks in Yahoo's newish Weather app on the iPhone. Ok, that's me - sorry for waffling.
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