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  1. All I had to do was kill the process "EvernoteHelper" and then Evernote was able to start. btw - this was on OSX 10.9.5
  2. I'm having the same issue, which is not good as I've come to rely on this app. I've used Evernote for two years, accepting upgrades pretty much the same day they come out. I have not had any kind of issues like this previously.
  3. I found a solution on: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/87254/unusual-shortcut-menu-override-in-evernote Apparently, somehow, after the 5.3 upgrade, I had command V bound to Paste without Formatting. Strange thing is, I haven't changed any shortcut key binding in months, and cut/paste was working just fine. Evernote devs: the 5.3 upgrade definitely changed (or possibly resurrected an old setting) command V from normal Paste to Paste with Formatting. Sorry for the snarky comment, just was frustrated because cut/paste should always work; still, it should not need debugging after an upgrade. Thanks for the great product.
  4. Umm, after the update to 5.3, (on Mac Mountain Lion), why doesn't Paste have a shortcut key anymore? I run a stock version of Evernote - no shortcut key customization at all. I've tried setting the Preferences->Shortcuts for Paste, but it appears that this only allows setting paste to new note. So I can paste unformatted (Shift command V) or to the new note, but there is no formatted paste. I doubt anyone will continue to use a "notes" tool that you need to use the mouse/trackpad to paste formatted. Suggest you get this straightened out.
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