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  1. I'd be satisfied to have a choice of color schemes. This low-contrast green-on-green, faded-green-on-white, and gray-on-white is darn near unusable for me. I used to brag about and demo Evernote every chance I got. Now they're chasing me away with this update.
  2. I don't mind so much that it's "green", but the use of non-contrasting colors makes it harder to read. For example, the Announcements page uses gray on white, looks like faded out-of-focus fonts instead of readable text. Maybe part of the issue is I'm on an iPad 2, but I don't have trouble reading the normal fonts on other apps that haven't gone this 'iOS 7-ish' direction. Readibility is part of usability. Instead of making us "stick with it", we should be given a choice of color schemes. The current scheme certainly means I'll be spending a lot less time using this current version. I used to brag about and demo Evernote at every opportunity. Now I won't bother, because this changes makes me quite unhappy. Save me the eye strain!
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