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  1. What alternative did you choose if I may ask. I can't wait to leave EN. Like you, loyal user/payer since the beginning.
  2. To further clarify this: Previously one could open a PDF directly from Evernote, in Windows and MAC OSX, modify that document and saving it would put saved document back into that note in Evernote. Also, one could easily just drag the PDF into an open email to create an attachment. Now, neither one of those workflows is possible. This adds a degree of complexity that makes the flow of working with PDFs come to a halt. I can't imagine this is a popular decision, but am I crazy? I can't work with this anymore.
  3. Sorry, I was losing my mind on Windows 10, then I went to check on MAC OS and something has changed there also. The flow was so easy before, now maybe I need to figure it out, but it doesn't seem like you can work with PDFs as before without saving out of Evernote and then creating a new note or adding that file to the note you saved it out of which is just to many steps and prone for mistakes.
  4. The handling of PDFs until now has been great, super easy to click and open then modify and save back to Evernote. Now, it is awful. The PDFs are now somehow full of formatting that makes them essentially useless to me. You can't even copy specific text out of them. What a pain. This is sadly going to make me move to another solution after using Evernote for years as an early adopter and promoting it amongst many friends. This latest update has WRECKED my entire work workflow. So disappointing.
  5. You need to go to EN Web, then go to the Security area and look in the Connected Services area, you should find what you need there.
  6. Yes, and it kills me how easy it is...go to EN on the web, go to account settings, then 3/4 of the way down on the left is "applications" in which you can disable apps the can access EN.
  7. Does anyone know how to disconnect Evernote from concur? In my concur, there is no listed connection to Evernote. I had connected Evernote to concur and It worked fine for a period of time, but now concur up loads every new note....very frustrating as you can't delete them quickly either. I'd rather just directly to concur.
  8. You can select multiple tags. It is actually pretty cool and autofills, so you will be happy.
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