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  1. Hi: It is now almost 4 years, since I made this request in my original post in September 2013. The response I received at the time is copied below: Hi, thanks for the request. Multi-image support is a very popular request and something we're investigating. If you can share an example image/s, that would be very helpful! I did indeed share images and to date, I have not heard back from any one in support at Skitch or from Evernote. I also posted a reminder a year later. Same result, no acknowledgment or response. Does anyone from support or product development actually read the user posts ? It is a shame, that with multiple request form numerous users, there is not even the courtesy of a response from the developers.
  2. Hi Klang: I originally posted this feature request in September 2103. Wow, more than two years later, I find myself asking you for feedback on the smae feature which by your own admission is a much asked for request. Is Evernote "ever" going to heed our requests and give this functionality to Skitch ? This is a simple feature request which will give added functionality to a good program. It would be great if you or anyone else at Evernote monitoring this forum can respond. One hopes that Evernote really does want positive and valuable user feedback. Thanks.
  3. Hi Klang: It is almost a year later and I do not see any updates that address my feature request for multi-image support. I use Evernote and Skitch daily as an integral part of my workflow and it is such a pain to have 1st have to export the image as a jpeg then open that up in another program, then copy and paste the second required image, resave and re-open as a new capture in skitch to continue annotations. I am sure, all users of Skitch would welcome such added multi-image functionality within Skitch. Please advise if this is going to happen anytime soon. I am afraid, I will have to start looking into other standalone programs which provide the functionality. Which such a shame, as I will loose the benefit of Evernote integration. Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Sure, i am attaching an image from Skitch where i had to go into Preview first, to paste in the reference image then screen capture in Skitch to continue the markup.
  5. Hi: Is there a way that I can paste an image that I have in my clipboard into an already open image that I am marking up in Skitch ? Very often I find the need to add a reference image into an image being marked-up. if I try an us paste in Skitch it asks to replace the current image. If anyone has found a way to do this, I would appreciate an answer. It would be a very useful additional feature to have in Skitch. Thanks.
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