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  1. As long as you are up to date synced, reinstalling is no problem. I've reinstalled so many times since the in ios7 update! Enter your log in info, it auto syncs and all your stuff is there! gl
  2. It might have been their mistake sure, but, if the sync option was more obvious it might be used more often, on impulse. I can't help but think that. :S Sorry for your loss, OP.
  3. yep, me too, I can't even use it and I'm using Notes instead. Good thing I paid $40 a year to use Evernote! Reinstall fixes it until it does it again right away. So, that's not a fix at all. It works well on the iPad mini though. I wish it worked well on the phone though as that's where I need it most. I'm all upgraded on the phone and iPad as for iOS etc.
  4. Ugh, it freezes constantly. No idea why it worked all weekend (at a conference no less) where I needed to take notes. Tried to give a report from the app on my phone today and it just kept freezing. Needed to reinstall to use Evernote but it would freeze again within minutes...so not impressed. I'm not sure what the problem is or why this is so hard to fix. D: edit:iPhone 5, haven't tested the iPad mini in a few days, not sure how it's working there..I'm afraid to.
  5. I have to agree on the sync, make the announcement hidden in the two menu and put the sync on top. I don't read the announcements...maybe I should but I just don't. Not on my devices anyway, maybe on the laptop/desktop.
  6. Good point about Places. My own approach to using Evernote has been to use the least amount of functions as possible so that I can still navigate my notes and use the app even if features disappear.For example, the intitle: search is crucial for navigating notes in my system (http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=367). However, we have just lost the ability to use this search grammar in iOS 7. We have lost the ability to use this search function in the past, though, and we have also lost various navigational tools like sort options and so forth, so I have a kind of "backup" with the random character codes I also use just in case. Each note gets at least one code corresponding to the content -- a journal entry will get a journal code and maybe a few others if it deals with work or maybe some project I am doing. Even without the advanced search grammar, I can navigate my notes just fine. In your case, I'd put the location data at the bottom of each note. This will ensure that you can search on that data. If you only have a few major locations (in my case, my office, certain coffee shops, etc.) then you can use those random codes I mentioned. Ideally, of course, features would never disappear, but I think that in order to remain sane and in control of your notes over the long term (I think I have been using Evernote for five+ years now), you have to be prepared for features to come and go on occasion. It is a work in progress. For the sake of streamlining I just wanted to respond to this here as well as in the original thread about Places, and I will just continue the conversation here from now on: I get that solution when you're just trying to keep track of basic locations, like as you mentioned "Home" "Office", etc, but when you're in the city and need to see which of your client locations are near each other to create an itinerary for the day, it's essentially useless. May as well go back to using Google Maps. Totally agree. But in my case I have a lot of clients & I can manage them only with clients locations in notes. Searching in base of >150 notes is impossible now. So the app is useless for me. Pity. I can still search exactly the same way I searched before. Locations in the title, in the body, no idea what "base" is though. I agree, it's a little glitchy now and then, it loads up every time I need it now and it's not like is not functioning, it is.
  7. Won't load on the iPhone at all again, iPad seems ok. I'll wait for an update, I'm sure there's nothing I can do now. I'm not going to uninstall it numerous times a day.
  8. I'm running Evernote Premium on my iPad mini and iPhone 5. Issues since update: iPad mini -pasting (of all things) does not work iPhone 5 -won't even load, insta crash. Loaded a few times since the update but now, nothing. Soft reset my phone and stuff. I guess I could try reinstalling, I'll try that now. I use this paid app for EVERYTHING and need it for work tomorrow. Pretty sad right now. :\ All right, reinstalling fixed it. But, to me, it's a bit unstable. Which is to be expected on an over haul and new OS.
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