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  1. Part of the problem I think is that auto-updates are enabled by default across the board for the Google Play Store (at least it was with my device). I have now turned that off completely in the Play Store app, and periodically update only what looks to be an improvement. Evernote is not the only app I have that has seen a significant downgrade in performance with some new versions. On the bright side, 7.9.9 is still working great for me and I don't appear to have lost anything at least.
  2. Just adding my post to this thread. I'm having the same issue. I will open an existing note, and get a blank screen (like I'm creating a brand new one). At that point have to wait varying amounts of time to get the actual content to appear: as little as a few seconds, to substantially more. It's annoying, as it used to be instant. It isn't my network connection or device. AFAIK, it started a few weeks ago. My workaround was to simply un-install all updates, which left me at version 7.9.9. This (so far) seems to work well.
  3. I completely agree with the need for this feature. I am a recent adopter of Evernote, and love the functionality except for this... I have several notes that I work on at any given time, and constantly switch between them. Every time I do, I need to scroll back down to where I was. It's a small thing, but very tedious and frustrating. I am very surprised that this feature is not supported, nor is there a way to save bookmarks in a document. I did a forum search, and it looks like people have been asking for this for 3 years. Opening multiple windows is a work around, but definitely not ideal. Any chance of this feature getting on the list at soem point?
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