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  1. I am very interested too. I'd prefer to have multiple instances to reorganize my work, and I regularly do. Having the possiblity to have a synoptic view of multiple points in my tree of notebooks would save me clicks and brain trying to remember what is where. It would be a great boost in performance and simplicity for my weekly review. This topic has received a lot of upvotes throughout its existence. It might not be the most commented but it has been opened for 4 years now, and similar topics exist elsewhere in the forum too. Oh and by the way, multiple instances of an app is now a recommended practice for developers under windows 10 and has existed since windows 7 ! There's even a system shortcut for the apps who allows it (shift+left click), so EN dev team may want to consider providing this feature in a near future ?
  2. I have the same issue on the latest version of CyanogenMod. Reinstalling Evernote seems to resolve the problem for a few days but it comes back randomly.
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