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  1. This is somewhat related to this post but my advice for people who are new to Evernote, go with OneNote 2013 that is part of the Office Suite instead. With One Note, your notes aren't trapped in the program. You can export sections and pages as PDF or .DOCX. AMAZING CONCEPT!! No need for a third party and its easily accessible. Why waste your time paying yearly for Evernote when you can get the entire Office 365 suite for close to the same price? My frustration with Evernote has stemmed from major problems recently with the Android app. I edit my notes and they don't update properly. I've had no luck fixing this and Evernote support hasn't been much help. The point is I've never had problems with Keep and Onenote. Basically Evernote needs to provide and easier way to export notes. I regret the decision of going with Evernote in the first place but my computer was down and they were the best choice at the time. Evernote is fine for very basic note sharing every now and then but TRUST ME don't use it for any thing serious. You'll regret it.
  2. third time where ever note has not updated my edited notes so I'm moving to . one note. And another big reason is I just goto windows 8 tablet and one note is more full featured and integrates with everything perfectly. I've heard of Ever2One Converter , but was hoping to see if anyone else has used it. Thanks, Ricky
  3. Yes I do know that I can use the website to delete but that still doesn't answer the mystery question of why Evernote has decided to abandon Android phones when it comes to deleting Notebooks.
  4. For goodness sake when are you going to come out with the simple capability of deleting notebooks? Can you imagine if a Windows desktop computer wouldn't allow you to delete a folder? I mean Google keep has it and spring pad has it. I don't think it's asking for too much. It's literally been years and still no update for notebook deletion! and yes I know you can go to the desktop web site and delete the notebooks from there, but I don't have a computer and I'm relying solely on my mobile phone. Even if I had a computer it is just way more convenient to delete it from my phone the and there. What doesn't make sense is that I have never seen a reason for why Android has never received this feature.
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