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  1. That menu does not open crop and other edit settings directly provided by Evernote. It requires you open a separate app. It works great when used with autodesk's pixilr but the big point is why do we have to rely on another app for a simple feature such as crop and making very basic adjustments? I'm happy with the improvements with Evernote scan quality but I have ran into too many times where the image is not even cropped.
  2. The viable competitors I can think of our Google keep and OneNote. And neither of those offer encryption that you can create from the smartphone. One note on the desktop might offer that but I don't remember seeing that. Anyway OneNote sucks compared to Evernote in my opinion, images you create on the desktop are noticeably blurry on the android and syncing is not as reliable. Evernote is still the best option out there when it comes to the most detailed features and having everything in one place. But obviously I agree with you that Evernote needs to be more careful when it comes to users privacy.
  3. Ok so let's say you switch to Keep or One Note, who is to say these companies aren't doing the same thing? Switching to Keep would be a down grade, it doesn't even have undo! And one note has terrible quality for images that are inserted on Windows and then viewed on Android. And onenote sync has allows been annoyingly slow. If you have to switch I would recommend a combination of Google docs and keep over stupid Microsoft
  4. My recommendation is to delete as many notebooks as you can and focus on tag organization. I recently ran into the 250 limit and it was insane how they give you NO IDEA how many notebooks you need to delete and you can't successfully do it from the Desktop client. I had to delete from the web app and eventually, WA LA!!! Anyway I'm happier now and wish I just used the tag system a long time ago.
  5. The new update does provide a higher standard quality from what I'm seeing. This was an update that should have happened a long time ago. And it is still not right. Half to time it doesn't even crop correctly and some scans have messed up focus if you're not steady. scan it on android is a lot more enjoyable to use. And also inking is still laggy on android. Maybe the developer just needs to create exclusively for iPhone. Since they're having a difficult time with android. And take far longer than I've ever seen when it comes to updates.
  6. To me it seems like Evernote's engine used to enhance the photos is the problem. It creates smudgy looking text. To get the best quality I would recommend disabling multi shot and using the phone's camera. Then edit in Pixlr app and go back to evernote.
  7. Sorry but the scanning quality is still poor on my Note 5. I have the latest beta and I don't see improvements. Why is Android getting the ***** version of the camera to began with?
  8. Yea this is not an isolated thing. Same exact issue on my Note 5. Any updates on this? I remember even having poor scanning on my HTC DNA. This issue has been going on for far too long. Please just copy what the ScanBot app uses. Scanbot's scan quality is just far better.
  9. Are there any updates to this? It is really a bummer that I have to find something else for handwriting on Android. I really would like to use Evernote.
  10. On Windows you can create multiple sub levels for tags which makes for great organization but this is non existent on Android. Please update!
  11. Other note taking apps have a feature where you type "#" in front of the word which will create a tag. Is that possible to do in Evernote? With the Android Beta, their is quick note creation from the notifications and that would be handy. ,Ricky
  12. Thanks for your reply. I would be thrilled to see an update that fixes this because it has been going on for awhile. The version is: 7.9.3 Android version: 6.0.1
  13. This has been going on for some time but when I write in cursive there is lag at the beginning but then it is smooth while writing on the word. Now when I print each letter, there is noticeable lag. Like when I wright an "o", the "o" only appears when I'm done writing. It's annoying that this hasn't been fixed. I'm using the Note 5. Has anyone had this same issue and found any fixes? Its not my phone because this has happened on a previous phone that I have and it occurred when my phone was new as well. I like Evernote but there has been not attempt to improve the responsiveness of the pen Android.
  14. Cool thanks for the update. I really prefer Edge browser. It works as well as the other browsers and doesn't have the outdated look of Chrome. Any updates of when an extension will come out for Edge? Chrome has become a hog and if there was Edge for mobile I wouldn't use Chrome on my phone.
  15. The new update is nice and like the cleaner look but I'm bummed that there as not been one single change in the inking system. Why is it ok that I'm NOT ABLE to edit inking that I create on Windows when I'm using my Note 5? And I'm not able to edit ink notes on Windows that are created on the Note 5? How long do we have to wait for this? Version 7?
  16. So I'm getting this notice today on my phone and my computer that my Evernote subscription has expired. I needed to change my CC linked to it anyway. But it is pretty annoying that my premium service is just stopped without warning. There is no problem with my card. I like Evernote and the new Windows upgrade is nice so I have decided to renew. Does this have something to do with the new Windows upgrade? My previous card info what still in the billing page but auto renew magically turned off. Basically your system caused you to lose a $5.99 / mo premium subscriber. Fortunately I decided to auto renew but this can't be good for your business. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one dealing with this. And on a side note, when will Android get an update to match some of the color coding features that are found in the new Windows version? ,Ricky
  17. I'm getting the same darn thing but in my case my premium monthly plan was just cancelled! What happened to auto renew? Where do I go to see the billing and the card information that I previously entered? I had a pass-code set for my app and that is now messed up and gone. What the heck happened? Is this a glitch? I've never had software where THE COMPANY loses my subscription!
  18. This is somewhat related to this post but my advice for people who are new to Evernote, go with OneNote 2013 that is part of the Office Suite instead. With One Note, your notes aren't trapped in the program. You can export sections and pages as PDF or .DOCX. AMAZING CONCEPT!! No need for a third party and its easily accessible. Why waste your time paying yearly for Evernote when you can get the entire Office 365 suite for close to the same price? My frustration with Evernote has stemmed from major problems recently with the Android app. I edit my notes and they don't update properly. I've had no luck fixing this and Evernote support hasn't been much help. The point is I've never had problems with Keep and Onenote. Basically Evernote needs to provide and easier way to export notes. I regret the decision of going with Evernote in the first place but my computer was down and they were the best choice at the time. Evernote is fine for very basic note sharing every now and then but TRUST ME don't use it for any thing serious. You'll regret it.
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