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  1. Hi Gavin . It finally worked after moving it to a different notebook. Now I should prolly change my display name here LOL ("will it ever work?" alluded to Postach.io not working but now that it works I'm gonna try to change my name
  2. Tyabblemons: everything on that blog of yours was done via postach.io? Impressive. Gavin: Postach.io just plain won't work for me. I tried to sync yesterday but it still doesn't wanna work after many hours .. it says no posts yet with a sadface. and, at the risk of sounding like THE ultimate nimrod of the century, how do i log into Postachio? there's no link for that (General question to all now) How can I quickly go to non-edit mode using a keyboard shortcut (from edit mode) (in the web app version of EN)? i know i can click to another note with my mouse but i'm keyboard oriented that's why i'm asking. thank you
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