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  1. BurgersNFries - thanks for the feedback. I am currently using V5, although my first problem occurred with V4. The only posting that I had uncovered concerning the dialog pop ups was referenced by a user suggesting to make a manual adjustment to the registry. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31943-cant-enable-warning-when-deleting-tags/ Like this user, I do not ever remember making a intentional change to disable the warnings. My issue regarding the backups, I backup once a week. I now switched that to occur daily. I am still wondering why my two questions have gone unanswered by Evernote support??? All I want to know is how to prevent this from happening in the future. Do I need to manually tweak my registry on my own to enable this safeguard? If so, please tell me what entries to make. I do not want to make matters worse by going under the covers to modify the application on my own. Again, I love this product. I just want to have more confidence that my data will be there when I need it. .
  2. I did not file a support ticket. I searched your website and Google for a solution. The first incident was due to using the delete key instead of a right mouse click to remove a tag. Unfortunately my cursor was resting on the stack tag instead of the one that I wanted to delete. I never was prompted to confirm my delete before it was gone. I was not too worried because I thought I could recover the tag from the trash. Unfortunately that was not the case. The second time, I don't know what happened? My stack vanished. I was trying to clip a webpage and the Web Clipper program crashed. The next time I launched the Web Clipper it had updated the program and my stack was gone. The bottom line is I would like to know how to avoid this in the future. Please respond to these questions: 1. Is there a way to undo or rollback a tag delete action? 2. Is there a way to be prompted with a pop up dialog box confirming your action prior to the delete? Thanks, Bill
  3. Let me start off by saying that I love this product and I am a Premium user. However, this is the second time that Evernote has deleted a large amount of my stacked tags. The last time that this happened was on Wednesday following the Windows 5 (and potentially a Web Clipper update). I am not sure what happened? All I know is that I had to manually go through all 900 plus of my notes and re-tag them. I am afraid to fully commit to this product until I know that this won't happen again. Has Evernote addressed this problem? Is there a way to rollback an accidental delete? Is there any type of version control for tags? There has got to be a better way than backing up my database every 4 hours (the maximum amount of work that I am willing to lose). If not, please add this functionality. I really want to trust this tool to store my work product. As a software consultant, being able to quickly retrieve a troubleshooting document is my bread and butter. Thanks, Bill
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