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  1. Yes it's been identified as a bug already, they already said they sent a fix in an update a couple of years ago,. It is not an intentional design flaw, it is one of those things called a bug and it seems some folks do not know the difference between them apparently. / :-) App designers do not plan for or design bugs, your post indicates that the app does "whatever the designers planned for. " So they planned for bug? LOL. I don't think so. The bugs are their pets :-) Evernote! Rescue me from the forums!! I need a real answer! Better yet, please issue a fix :-). Its been a waste of time and typing in here, not sure why I came in, hoping for real answers rather than people confusing bugs with features, and engineers planned the bugs as pets because they like to frustrate customers. :-) LOL!!! Anyone with an actual solutions? vs confusion on bugs and with features, and engineers who design bugs to frustrate customers? Sort of sounds counter-intuitive I would think. :-)
  2. LOL 🙂 this is not a feature request, this is a bug that’s been around for years, it’s not a feature request, is not about priority it’s about a known problem that needs to be fixed I assume you know the difference between a feature in a virus or a bug 🙂 you are not providing any solution so please assist in answering my comments thank you , so someone who might know how to fix this can answer or perhaps Evernote Upload sells been decide to answer Part of the The purpose of the forums is to get answers to known problems, you’re not providing an answer sonif could please make room for someone else to make an answer thank you
  3. Thank you Thank you I do find your answer really strange and odd to be frnak. this problem has existed now for quite a few years, this is impacting a number of users significantly , in over three years is not sufficient time for them to do a little engineering change to make this work ? I have checked out quite a few other note taking apps and none of them have this behaviour . No I will not be changing my working style to adjust a company that is no longer competing at the highest level . As per my original post I’m searching for new ways out, part of me was hoping Evernote would read this and go, you know what we’ve never fix this problem let’s fix it Any company in the marketplace today has to be competing constantly at the highest possible level, this is an unacceptable thing on behalf of Evernote, you should not be justifying it We are in the marketplace where Choice is in focus, and when you have this type of market place each person has to make sure that they’re in tiptop condition and highly responsive I am in the process of trying to find my way out of Evernote, if they fix it in between I’ll be staying with evernote It would appear there are many users over the past few years with my situation, I’m highly surprised they have not fixed this Unfortunately the name of the game today is Innovate or die
  4. Yes that suits your particular use of Evernote. That’s not my use of Evernote. Not everyone has this implementation of Evernote, my implementation is that I make a lot of long notes on a variety of subjects and have to switch between them. Obviously the issue that I described has no impact on you because that’s not your iteration of how you use the application . However no one should assume that anyone else’s use of the application is similar to theirs, and therefore some of it does not bother you, obviously can bother someone else. I appreciate your response but it’s not a solution to a problem, it’s within the application, if there’s a problem within the application in this highly competitive market then Evernote should by now have fix this problem so that they can address the concerns of all of its people, this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. The note market has become extremely fierce and many great offerings, why would Evernote not choose to live by the highest possible standard, and be competing for the top and best quality in both existing product as well as product roadmap as well as innovation ? The challenge here is there is a problem when you switch between applications in Evernote that causes a certain range of customers to have a serious problem , that has caused a number of us to reconsider options as it does not help us, it is a constant point of aggravation. It’s like saying my front door is broken, but I don’t go out the front door, go out the back door, so I’m gonna leave the front door broken.
  5. I have this issue for sometime and I am essentially ready to leave Evernote, they seem to be unconcerned about this issue and They have definitely not fixed it and it’s the most annoying feature ever, if you’re in the middle of something that’s important to write, like at an event, and you’re scrambling to add notes and move between notes you have to go to this crazy scrolling all the way back to the bottom I’ve been an advocate for Evernote for quite a long time, but honestly right now I’m searching for ways to migrate my notes out and find a different solution because of this one problem
  6. Hey I am an evernote user and love it. I just downloaded the new IOS 7 update and was shocked to see the two greens and busy and choppy interface. Much preferred the old interface than the new. Am I the only one not in love with the colouring of the new update for ios 7? When you look at the apple calendar app the interface is clean and less colour and beautiful, pleasant to use The two greens in the interface are difficult to look at. anyone have thoughts?
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