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  1. Repeatedly mentioned Issues to add to your list, @Chantal Leonard: - universal global search - business default notebooks - add an "all accounts" view
  2. Every time I sleep I think about this a little more. How does this work with the Freemium model? you ask your users to spend days, months, weeks, even years investing their data in the platform and suddenly when they begin to use the business product it becomes instantly less useful. All their notes are on the personal side.
  3. Missed use case: I'll often suggest to folks that they keep anything they wouldn't mind everyone in the company seeing in the business notebooks, and anything personal (meeting notes, personal to do lists, other personal work related items like HR stuff) in the personal account. This situation would be broken because of the lack of universals search and access to notebooks. Couldn't we still have the separated accounts but have one "All Notes" view that we can go into that affords us all these luxuries? If it's some kind of Enterprise requirement that's driving this, you could
  4. @Chantal Leonard, can you talk a little bit about the "why" behind this drastic change? There's been speculation and even suggestion from @SoftwareMarcus that we (as beta users) simply accept the inevitable because of needs of some Enterprise prospects. Is this why? Help us understand so we can give you better feedback.
  5. I'm a long-time user and ECC. The forced separation is an absolute nightmare. If I can no longer trust Evernote as my "external brain". I'll need to find another one.
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