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  1. We feel your pain. Almost all of us on this thread are shocked at what Evernote is now compared to what is used to be. However, Pink Elephant is correct. The Legacy version will bring back most of what was lost with EN10.
  2. I think Pink Elephant is has a point- Legacy will last just as long as it's compatible with the operating systems we use. Could a new update from Windows cause Legacy to not work?
  3. I'm going to reduce my 5,000 notes in Evernote and move a couple of thousand to OneNote. I already pay for Office, so the "look and feel" is already familiar to me. However, if EN were to stick with the Legacy edition and do moderate upgrades I would likely stay (but I think EN has said that they will not be adding or updating the Legacy version. Sadly, after many years of using EN, I don't see how I will keep going with it. The new versions are slow and lack features I have used for years. I'm sorry to see a great company go down with their long term users.
  4. UPDATE - THIS EVENING WINDOWS 10 UPDATED ITSELF AND EN WEB STARTED LOADING FASTER - DOWN TO 25 SEC VS 45 SEC AND THREE REFRESHES. THAT'S A BIG IMPROVEMENT AND EN UPDATED ITSELF TOO - EN Web Client v 10.11.4 web 241 Editor: v121.2.15734 Service: v1.32.3 - works much better now! (still a lot slower than it used to be) I'm a long term premium member. I mostly use the web client and the desktop (Windows 10) to work on my notebooks. The web client is MUCH SLOWER than it used to be. I have to load the page 3 times in either Chrome or Edge to get it to load - and then it takes 10-15 seconds to show my notes. Overall, it takes almost 45 seconds to load to the Web Client since I have to refresh the page three times! I've got nearly 5,000 notes, but I'm starting to clean them out using Legacy and export them while I still can. I have loved Evernote and promoted it to many of my friends. But, I do a lot of research, and I need a reliable note app that won't take away my favorite features! I like the Legacy app but it's only temporary and not being supported. I'm probably switching to One Note since I already pay for Office. One Note for Windows 10 will let you dictate notes and I really like that feature.
  5. I'm having problems getting Evernote Web to work on Microsoft Edge. It works fine on Chrome and it used to work fine on Edge and IE. I know the new Edge is built on Chromium - so why doesn't EN Web work on Edge? I need it to work on Edge for my job. Anyone else having the same issue with Web loading slowly in Edge? My system is up to date and a fairly new PC.
  6. Thanks, but If they don't already know about the problem with Microsoft Edge loading Evernote Web then I don't need them. I can't be the only web user with this problem. I really don't think they tested it. Couldn't have - or else they don't care. I am starting to think that EN does not care about it's users. I would rather use Edge. I used Google for years and am moving away towards MS products.
  7. Try the Legacy version. I feel the same way you do - the new version of Evernote is a disaster on the desktop, the phone and the Web. I don't believe they even tested it first. Couldn't have. These issues are too big.
  8. I'm having the same problem with Evernote Web using Microsoft Edge. It barely loads on my PC - even if it's the only tab open! This just started with the recent update. Web loads faster on Chrome, but still much, much slower than it used to. I've been a premium user for years and I am seriously considering leaving Evernote (I've already exported by vital notes out of EN) SBS
  9. I would like to know the same thing! My Windows Evernote Web is really buggy and I cannot see all the notes in the middle (Notes) pane. I still use the old fashioned EN Web as I like three window panes.
  10. another vote for a mobile web version. seems like a no brainer to me
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