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  1. Works great for me! Thanks so much guys! You guys rock so hard! This is why I love working with Evernote My only gripe now is when I select up or down arrow key the page moves up and down, but I can deal with that. I found that by holding down ctrl while using the arrow keys the Evernote clip still changes but the page doesn't scroll.
  2. The commenting feature of the web clipper has become harder to use in the latest update but it is easily fixed! Specifically, my two issues with it are: It's difficult to find: there's no button dedicated to it on the panel. To make a comment, you have to click on the notebook chooser or tags button (!?). It's tiny and can't be re-sized: I can only see about ten words at a time in the text box!A "comments" quick link under the "tags" button in the File section of the panel would make the feature discoverable again. I'm sure this would help users who haven't found it yet. I suppose the text box size issue is a bit harder, but surely making the popup fill down closer to the bottom of the screen wouldn't be too difficult! I should add that the web clipper 6 update improved commenting for me in one way: the clipper now always inserts a blank line above the clipped content. This makes it a lot easier for me to add a comment later if I neglect to do it through the clipper itself. Previously it could be difficult with certain pages' markup to insert a new line above the clipped content, so this new behaviour is really useful to me. Thanks for that! The commenting feature of Evernote's web clipper is important to me. I try to add comments to all my webclips: I think it's good practice to help me remember the page itself, and to remember what I learned from it. So I'm really keen to see this feature maintained!
  3. This would be very useful for me too. If I'm clipping things to remember them I only really need one copy in Evernote! If something I'm clipping is already there then there ought to be a quick way to find out. Additionally, I tend to keep comments on all my clips. If I have new thoughts about a webpage that I've clipped, it would be much more convenient to add to my existing comments than to start a new clip for them. Finally, if I'm clipping a page for a second time then my old comments might be extremely relevant to what I'm currently working on. It would be a really timely moment for Evernote to retrieve my old clip for me!
  4. Count mine another vote for the return of this feature in some form. It's been indispensable for me! This suggestion seems reasonable.
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