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  1. Nor mine, much less "Find" under "Edit".
  2. Heh. I was taking that to mean we'd all have zoom on or before the Jot Style's arrival. If they're adding zoom, it'd be a pretty raw deal to require a Bluetooth accessory to activate it. I guess we'll know soon enough.
  3. FWIW, from the Jot Script press release: "With Penultimate's new Zoom feature, the interaction between app and stylus becomes dynamic"
  4. Oh, and another thing… Omnifocus 2 for iPhone has a feature that I'd love to see you copy: long pressing on the upper left navigation element takes you all the way back to the home screen.
  5. I'm fairly sanguine about the changes, really, but there is one glaring mistake (that's been mentioned already). Not having search available on the first screen was a pretty tonedeaf move. The two primary ways the user interacts with the app are Creating and Searching. Both should be front and center in the UI. Many apps are choosing to emulate Springboard and have the search function available from any screen just by pulling down from the top. That'd be a good option here, I think.
  6. A little addition to the Kid Artwork that came to me out of the blue last week: append an audio attachment of them telling you about the art piece. I can't wait to see my (future) teenage daughter listening to her five year old self describing her art.
  7. Does it bother anyone else that there's not a keystroke to go straight to editing the body? (I know Cmd-L TAB will usually work, but there are times when it doesn't)
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