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  1. The yellow highlighter is great. But it isn't enough. Virtually every application now offers multiple colors for highlighting. Please add this feature to Evernote. It would greatly aid in managing and coding information. It seems like a fairly simple coding task.
  2. Well, every feature is useful to a limited group. Thanks for your input and comments. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I hope Evernote developers will add these features.
  3. I understand everyone uses the program differently. I'm a writer and I use Evernote for project management. Green, yellow, red, etc. is a common and simple way to provide instant visibility about the status of a notebook (project). Also, multiple highlighter colors in notes would allow users to mark different parts of notes or track the status of lists and events much faster and more efficiently. I agree though that a status indicator would be extremely useful.
  4. Thanks, Jeff. It seems like such a basic thing that would require minimal development effort but provide a huge benefit. Evernote is extremely sophisticated and streamlined in some ways but lacking some really basic features. Sometimes I wonder if executives and development teams really understand how software is used in the real world.
  5. It would be great if Evernote supported color coding for notebooks and offered multiple colors within the highlight function (rather than yellow only). This seems like such a basic thing but it would aid significantly in organizing topics and groups.
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