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  1. The UI design is sorely lacking on the Mac side as well. Has anyone from Evernote ever replied to this thread? Is anyone paying attention? This is a real (and endlessly annoying) problem.
  2. I appreciate the corporate response, even if it's discouraging to us disgruntled types. But to harp on my recurring issue — you could address my main concern by allowing users to customize the layout of the clipperspace. For me, the marking tools are totally gratuitous — if I'm going to mark things up, I'll use Skitch, and I'll do it later, when I am processing my clips. And while I appreciate the variety of ways to save a clip — that is a real improvement, don't get me wrong — the things that vary nearly every time I clip something are the Notebook and the Tags. And it would be great to have those at the top of the clipper window — in fact, it would amazing to be able to Tab into those two text boxes, eliminating the need to use the mouse, period. (If there is a way to automate this with keyboard commands already, I am all ears.)
  3. I find the new interface baroque and annoying — but mostly, I just want to be able to select the notebook (with a drop down menu!) and add tags at the top of the clip window. And then "save" over "share" in terms of menu items. Many of us really do want to dump whatever we've found and move on to the next thing — I swear this update retards my workflow significantly. Also preferred the abbreviated window and the grey background — much easier to read and takes up less real estate on a small laptop. Would _love_ to have to the option of a more "classic" ui... Or least, make the bells and whistles complement the core functionality. At the moment they get in the way. And another thing (sorry) — Clipper is now gunking up saved pages (or at least: one, repeatedly), with a "Tweet this" link on the source page streaking across the image near the top of the post.
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