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  1. Before upgrading to Outlook 2016, I used a third party tool 'Linker for Windows' to create links that I could paste into Evernote that would open specific folders within Outlook. This is useful when a note requires access to emails and can include a link to open the specific Outlook folder. Since upgrading to Outlook 2016, this solution no longer works and I'm not sure if it relates to Evernote, Linker or Outlook (I suspect the latter?). Linker still creates links however now in a format that Evernote (or other Office applications) can't seem to process. Example: outlook:00000000918A70DA95662A4BB0F9AC3877596D5B02E90000 I have contacted the Linker for Windows developer but with no luck. Has anyone else had a similar experience and found a solution using Linker or alternative? Mark M
  2. Is it possible to have the notes list display titles only as per the previous version? I don't want snippet view or card view for my notes list ... just the titles like I had before!
  3. Cmd + Ctrl + d works on my iMac ... great feature, never knew it existed!
  4. First post in this environment ... I've recently subscribed to Evernote Premium and am moving to manage pretty much all of my productivity system, reference documentation etc in this environment and away from other disjointed applications, including Outlook. Currently, I manage major actions using Outlook tasks and hyperlink to windows folders etc. Most of my system can be replicated in Evernote. One aspect I am struggling with however is my ability in Outlook to create a link to an archive email folder that contains all emails relative to the subject at hand. Syntax for this (in Outlook) would be as an example: <Outlook://Archive Folders/Resource Planning/SII/2013> which, if Included in an Outlook task would open an Outlook view of the email folder that the path relates to ... very handy! Is there an appropriate syntax that could be used in an Evernote note to link to an email folder in the same way? Thanks in advance for any input. Mark M
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