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  1. I have the same issue since the latest update on my Kindle and my Cell phone. First with the Kindle, it couldn't even install the update, stalling everytime. I had to manually remove the evernote app, then I re-installed it from the amazon store but still wouldn't install, so I removed again and then side-loaded the app from the google store. It then installed but I can not use it, every-time I try to select a note or notebook it crashes, closing down. This morning I tried to use the one on my cell phone and the same thing is happening, crashing after I select something. I used my desk top version yesterday and this seemed to work. I hope they fix it soon, I use my kindle app all the time to get to my recipes, the lap top uses too much counter-space. I thought maybe it has to do with amazon, they had announced an android update a week ago but since my phone has the same issue it must have to do with the latest Evernote update. Please fix it! Funny the Evernote status says...All systems running properly Right!?!
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