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  1. I'll take it back. It did work after some tweaking. I used the * as a tag on my desktop version and it seems like it wasn't able to sync this anymore, after the first 21 notes with this tag. So I renamed the tag to "cookie list". then i made a "cookie list-new" tag on the web client with the new note and refreshed it. Miraceously it then synced the new tag I made online "cookie list-new" to the desktop client. I added that tag to all the notes and it synced all notes, with both tags to the web client. I synced my kindle as well and it's there. then I gave the notes the original tag * , they now had 3 tags, synced again but this tag would not sync. I tried others like !, ?, # and none worked. I then figured maybe if I make this tag on the web client, attach it to all the synced cookie list notes, maybe it will sync then. And it did, also synced to the kindle I synced it all from the desk-top client. I think I should be able to remove the "cookie list tags" and it should keep syncing. I hope I wanted to use the * so it would bring the cookie list tag to the very top of all my tags for quicker access. Happy that it worked so thanks for the work around but I sure hope they fix that soon, it's such a pain and waste of time to have to tweak. I mean as a prime member I pay for this, I shouldn't have to tweak it
  2. @ RichardPD I have the same issue for some days. It won't sync a special tag I made to sort my christmas cookie list. It synced 21 of the 121 notes with the special tag but no matter what I do it won't do the rest of the 121. Funny I can make a new note with this tag and it will sync that note's tag fine. I am hoping I can resolve this since I want to be able to use my kindle to work through this list to bake some cookies soon. I followed your instruction but it did not work for me. On another point how does one sync the web client if there is no sync button? I just refreshed the page and it didn't sync it, so I then used the PC desktop app to sync it. So I got this note with the new tag on my desktop app. applied thee tag to the list and synced it, but it won't show up on the web client. This is not just an issue with the windows 7 because I use windows 8.
  3. I have the same issue since the latest update on my Kindle and my Cell phone. First with the Kindle, it couldn't even install the update, stalling everytime. I had to manually remove the evernote app, then I re-installed it from the amazon store but still wouldn't install, so I removed again and then side-loaded the app from the google store. It then installed but I can not use it, every-time I try to select a note or notebook it crashes, closing down. This morning I tried to use the one on my cell phone and the same thing is happening, crashing after I select something. I used my desk top version yesterday and this seemed to work. I hope they fix it soon, I use my kindle app all the time to get to my recipes, the lap top uses too much counter-space. I thought maybe it has to do with amazon, they had announced an android update a week ago but since my phone has the same issue it must have to do with the latest Evernote update. Please fix it! Funny the Evernote status says...All systems running properly Right!?!
  4. I am having search issues since ever I upgraded two weeks ago to the newest Evernote version. When I search for specific ingredients in my recipe files it will find a few notes with the 'search word' but not all, actually almost none of the notes. I tested it several times with specific notes, that had multiple places with the 'search word'. It also will have the search bar in funny places, sometimes so far from the 'search word' you intended to find, that you have to scroll up or down almost a page or more to find it. I had no issue with the searches before this version of Evernote. Just upgraded to the newest 5.0.2. pre-release, but it did not fix the search issue. The new version is really jumpy, hangs a lot. I do like the look of it but the nonfunctional 'search' is driving me nuts. My recipe notebooks are useless if I can't find the recipes with the ingredients I have on hand. The reason I pay money for the Prime Evernote is, so it will be quicker to find my recipes from my cookbooks and magazines, I have scanned into Evernote instead having to leave through my stacks of books and magazines. At this moment to find my recipes I have to look through my stacks of notes.......what's the point? I might as well do it the old fashioned way I am thinking of going back to the older version until they get the bugs out
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