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  1. Those of you who have used old clipper just for the quick 1click save to Evernote (without all the tagging, etc. stuff) - you might want to try another Chrome's extension "Send to Evernote": http://goo.gl/EAlQsD . It's part of the http://www.klip.me/pushtophone/ initiative and can be used on other browsers as well (also allows you to save to kip.me cloud for reading on Kindle or Android/iOS). It does not solve all the usability issues i gone through in my earlier post in this thread, but it allows you to quickly save an article with pushing 1 or 2 buttons and it uses Evernote's "send to email" feature to do that. Hope that helps.
  2. I agree with Kazum as well as with author Ahlborne from another thread (Web clipper gets progressively worse) that although Evernote is awesome, the problem with Webclippers usability was tried to solve many times, but Evernote "just can't get it right). That's why I personally use more Pocket for WebClipping and Evernote for PDF, although I wish to use Evernote for everything (I am premium suscriber, allways thinking - is it real value to be one if it frustrates me everytime I use Webclipper) I will make a follow up to the ideas expressed by Kazum and Ahlborne to which I agree and try to extend them. Using OSX (10.8.4), Chrome (Version 29.0.1547.65) with Evernote Clipper (6.0). Use cases: a) Focused Web research on particular topic, for finding and aggregating information later (i.e. blogging, scientific research, preparation for making presentations) Casual reading for leasure (i.e. just found by accident something interesting which is worth sharing) Comments: 1) Trying to make it "Easier to use" - Evernote sometimes makes it harder, going from simple and effective interface towards bloated with features (Kazum, Ahilborne). 2) I share with Ahlborne the view "see it, clip it, forget it for now" and cycle/workflow so much, that I will switch to another app doing just that and tagging effectively, but with less features/functions 3) My workflow adds to Ahlbones's view in a way, that 70 % of time I want to tag it instantly, but only if I can easily identify and write a tag. If I need to think - then "forget it for now" comes into approach. It is marvelously implemented in Pocket extension to Chrome - you just click, the page is saved into Pocket database, a not distracting pop-up window shows up saying "Page saved. Do you want to "Add tags" or "View the list"). If I do not react quickly - it hides the pop-up window and get's into "forget it for now" mode. 4) SLOW clipping: in comparison just made the test - Pocket - 1 second, Evernote - about 10 seconds for the same page. (it's 10 times slower !!!). It might be that hardware is a problem (slow servers). My friend Domas Mituzas (was on Wikipedia advisory board and responsible for hardware solutions) once told me a story, that one of the most important decissions Wikipedia made in the beginning was to improve the speed of servers (the quicker users will be able to add content, the less frustration, more content). That proved to be very good strategy - the content skyrocketed. SOLUTION No. 1 - improve hardware/servers (might be problem only in some countries - do not know. From my perspective - web clipping synchronization is way TOO slow) But the same result can be achieved with software - when I was on Windows, Evernote clipper had a function to clip to Evernote program, instead of WEB, and that later it synchronizes everything in spare time. That would be simple and HUGE improvement for user who hate to wait. And it's easier than to upgrade servers/connections. SOLUTION No. 2 - allow web clipping 2 Evernote Desktop. SOLUTION No. 3 - allow to configure Web Clipper to synchronize in background (I do not see pop-up for 10 seconds, just continue to work, it synchronizes in background, poping up only if there is some problem with connection). Especially it will be usefull on notebooks, who sometimes do not have connection with internet, but you want to use to clip things from the intranets or have connected in Coffee Inn to the internet, opened up 100 windows, and sitting in a train just want to look over them and decide: "Close/Save to Evernote". 5) MINIMALISM: the principle in startups and their apps is: have one core function, do it right, expand slowly later. The same principle was in heart of Evernote sucess. When the company expands and buys other companies there is a risk to become over sophisticated. Maybe it's time to introduce two versions of the Wev Clipper - a) Evernote Minimal Evernote standard. Evernote minimal can have only core functionality and can be developed even by some genius who knows how to work with Evernote API. Evernote standartd - can be what it is at the moment. 6) DESIGN: I like the design of the new WebClipper. Although it's not very functional to my liking, but for most problems there is a workaround using Keyboard Shortcuts (THANKS !) 7) NUMBER OF CLICKS / USABILITY - that's where Evernote still has potential to improve. Just to ELIMINATE clicks which are not needed. But it might be that Evernote employees use different workflow and they need all those drawers and choices, but by usual workflow is such: a) Reading article/web page I like Deciding that I need it in Evernote saved for the future (CLICK-1: Evernote Icon in Browser or Keyboard shortcut) c) Deciding on type of article (click is optional, because there is ability to choose "default article". If click is needed - Keyboard shortcut might be used (Thanks for that) ) d) Deciding on markup (optional, and can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts (Thanks) ). Usually if you decide to use markup - you have decided to spent more time on particular note, you are not in a hurry of finding other Web pages and can play with markup, different tags, etc. - the number of clicks and fast saving becomes secondary thing. e) Deciding on type of Notebook (click is optional, because tere is ability to choose "default notebook". Most people do not change notebooks often - have one or two main notebooks, and more of them for archive or different projects. If they have too many notebooks - they have problem with work organization and technology will not help them. If there is a need to change notebook - there is a keyboard shortcut for that (Thanks), altghough it can be improved with NewFeatureRequest to have possibility to customize separate shorcut for 5 different notebooks (i.e. CTRL-1 1st notebook, CTRL-2 - 2nd, etc.). 1 click less (from "Open choice of Notebooks" + "Open the right Notebook" to "Open the right Notebook from the 1st time, but need to remember the shortcut") f) Deciding on tags (Click-2). It seems that this Click2 (or keyboard shortcut) might be optional (because there is a possibility to have "default tag", but in reality tagging is one of the core functions of the functionality in Evernote (some companies like Bubble Browser build even commercial visualisation products for that) and if I imagine "default article" and "default notebook", I hardly imagine "default tag", except "need_to_tag_that_later_because_of_stupid_Evernote_web_clipper_implementation" which will allow you to tag everything later on desktop/web client. g) Deciding on particular tag (CLICK-3 (actually typing letters and tag) and CLICK-4 (actually pressing ENTER or NewFeatureRequest - DOUBLE ENTER). My workflow end there most of the time. Usualy I do not like to add many tags and wish to save the note and forget about it for a while (before comming back later, filtering messages according to tag and date and working with different notes on particular project). Therefore I would like to have NewFeatureRequest like "DOUBLE ENTER = SAVE" implementation - that if after adding the first tag I push ENTER/RETURN second time (i.e. "empty tag") then it saves the note and that's it. h) Deciding on do I need comments (optional, there is no keyboard shortcut, so probably nobody needs it, nobody uses it, but in some cases it might be handy, that's why it exists, but is hidden in notebook/tags section and nobody sees it on main web clipping menu. But if Evernote sees the future for comments, you can implement my proposal with Double ENTER/RETURN saves the message and from comments section) i) And then comes unnecessary clicks, which slows down the workflow as mentioned in posts by Ahilnorne and Kazum: CLICK-5 (Saving the note - you can end it with DoubleEnter - see my comment in (g) and (h)). CLICK-6 - after 10 second of frustration "synchronizing with Evernote" - you get pop up window with the possibility to make CLICK-6 which is unnecessary (choose target date for action / click on related notes / close window). Date for action is good, but it's not part of the core Evernote functionality (saving notes). It's expansion into task manager /reminder field. While it may be useful to many people (including me) - the user should not be forced into additional clicking for that. The same goes with "related notes". It might be handy to see related notes while doing the tagging (like: "Look... you have similar notes. They are tagged: ....", then instead of thinking how to name the tag, I might want to use the ones which are on similar notes - for easier finding and categorization later). Both (add date, look similar notes) can be put in the main menu under the FIle: section and Saving might be done automatically (without informing "the page is saved") or with some pop up and short delay (like it's made in a Pocket client for Chrome). Amazon.com made their sucess story and patented 1-click technology for buying books easier. I am happy each time when I choose the book, hit "1-click buy" button and forget about buying - just enjoying the new book on my Kindle. There are lessons which Evernote can learn from Amazon. Also Evernote can listen more to users (like Ahilborn and Kazum suggests). Also Evernote can make different approach like getting user opinions, but not listening them (like author of Lean Startup movement suggests and like sometimes Apple is doing when they try to disrupt the market with new innovative products). In that case they have a team who makes the research, analyzes user input, rejects /approves it, makes something better, bigger). Hope that helps somebody and that some Evernote employee will forward that suggestions somewhere (my investment into the future of Evernote - 2 hours of writing that - and actually that investment is bigger than my premium subscription ). Have fun and continue to develop wonderful product. Edgaras Leichteris, Innovation and productivity consultant
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