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  1. Yup. But most software has that. Very few have specific uptime levels and guarantee of specific features. For that, you generally need to be a big corp negotiating a big contract, not some schlep paying $50 for some web service. It may be true that most software has that, but very few companies have a user base that tries to defend the product by pointing it out. Evernote is the only company I've ever encountered where "evangelists" and fanboys actually make the company look worse.
  2. TRANSLATION: "Hey, we never promised that the service you contracted would actually work!" So, I guess WE'RE the idiots for having paid for it, right?
  3. EdH: So, what you're saying is, you have poor decision making skills and are bad with money?
  4. Been there, done that, got no response. Take away? The company doesn't care.
  5. You two truly are the gift that keeps on giving!
  6. Chris: Sorry if it seems I was attacking you. I have had EXTREMELY negative experiences with several other "evangelists" here, who were insulting, condescending, and rude, and I just assumed that you were one of them. Clearly, that's not the case, and I apologize if I came across as aggressive.
  7. C6REW: Except that the problems HAVEN'T been sorted; not even close. Both the clipper and the desktop client for Windows have problems that haven't been corrected in the weeks since they were rolled out, and all we're getting from Evernote and its representatives (i.e. people like you) is obfuscation and denial that there is even a problem. If you really consider yourself an "evangelist" (i.e. someone who proselytizes to get people to use the product), then you should be listening to what your customers have to say instead of automatically claiming that everything is fine when that clearly isn't the case.
  8. 5u7ch: Be VERY glad. You don't want to upgrade, at all, ever, until the problems have been worked out. People are very unhappy with the latest version of the client, as a quick scan of the forums can tell you, so be happy that the program is preventing you from making a mistake.
  9. TampaKevin: Your reading comprehension skills could use some work. I actually really like Google; it's Evernote I have the problem with, which should have been obvious from what I wrote. Whatever, you can make whatever erroneous assumptions you want. I was just speculating as to why something that EVERY other company who interfaces with Gmail has been able to figure out in a matter of days has eluded Evernote for weeks; it just seems really strange that they can't get it working again, and I was simply pointing out that Evernote has a track record of being insulting and dismissive of its users, and maybe does the same thing to its partners. I have no evidence of this, of course, but I'm free to speculate about it, right? Just as you're free to make weird assumptions of what I like and don't like.
  10. The Gmail thing is just really weird: I suspect that there's something else going on besides technical issues. A change in how Gmail handles things shouldn't take this long to fix, unless Gmail is deliberately keeping Evernote in the dark and is no longer sharing its technical specs with the company. From my own experience with the company and after seeing how dismissively and arrogantly the company's representatives treats its paying customers, it's quite possible that someone from the company did something to piss off Google, and that's why they no longer have access to the tech info necessary to get clipping working again. That's the problem with a negative corporate culture: it can carry over in ways that you don't foresee, and have an impact beyond what you might have anticipated.
  11. What's so frustrating about all of this is that they had a perfectly good version of the clipper that worked fine; then, they created this monstrosity that was broken from day one, and expected everyone to get all excited about the "new features." Well, new features are great if your product works; if it doesn't, then you just look like an idiot. The worst part was that it took them so long to recognize that there was a problem, and set their "moderators" to berate and belittle anyone who had the temerity to complain about in the forums. Both the clipper and the Windows version of the desktop client are screwed up, but instead of admitting as much and rolling back to the working versions, they've pretended that they've got a handle on things and are working to fix it. The length of time it's already taken without a fix proves that they aren't up to the task. They need to either shell out the money to get some real programmers working on their products, or scale back their ambitions on the "features" they want to introduce, because their current team clearly can't handle it.
  12. More like five weeks. And yes, it would be rather awesome if Google built Evernote functionality into Gmail; Evernote has proven that they are completely incapable of getting it to work.
  13. RCBeall1: Unfortunately, I tried that, and it seems that the old clipper now isn't working, either. Apparently, the problem has to do with Gmail changing something on their end, and Evernote lacking the technical wherewithal to make the necessary changes to get the web clipper to work.
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