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  1. Hi cbuck, Thanks for the information. This saves me tons of hours fighting with version 5 and random crashes with evernote version 5. The improved UI and features of version 5 are useless due to the software is not reliable and crash randomly all the time. It's really no acceptable since we are not heavy user at all consider we only have 2100ish notes and database is about 2.3GB. I confirm that after downgrade back to version 4 for over 3 weeks everything is perfect so far. No more crashes. Thank you again for the insight!! version (268917) Public
  2. I like the new version too. The problem is it DOESN'T sync to server. All the clips I took stuck and the icons' shown yellow numbers. If i restart the browser all clips will disappear. This is forcing me to use IE / Firefox if that the web clipper plugin work on them. I really don't want to do this, but I really depend on this note taking method.. this is killing me..
  3. The old evernote web clipper does not memorize my account & login status. It's keep asking me to login. After making clip I cannot preview it like we used to. Preview shows nothing in new window. Can we have the "Real" old version back for a while until the problem fixed?? Thank you.
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