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  1. I've had to reinstall the new version of Web Clipper twice, now. Mac OSX 10.9.4 Chrome v36.0.1985.125
  2. Running iOS 7.0.2 on my iPhone 4s and Skitch 3.0.1 (~9 gb free space ATM) seems to be very "laggy". Sometimes it takes 30 seconds to respond to anything or the app crashes. When I initially updated it to 3.0, I didn't notice it being so slow, but I didn't use it heavily before 3.0.1 was released. I uninstalled, rebooted my phone, and reinstalled. That seems to have helped a little bit (it's no longer crashing like it was), but it still lags quite a bit. Is it just me? I would hope that the phone shouldn't be too far out of date, yet. I'll be upgrading my phone here in about a month. So, I can probably get away with mostly using Skitch on my Mac.
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