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  1. @psherm85 I agree with everything that you have said about Evernotes woeful customer service with regard to this issue and for issuing software that quite clearly doesn't work. They obviously don't care as long as they are getting peoples money. I was a Premium user...but not any more. In fact I have know gone one step further and I'm in the process of moving everything to Diigo which does pretty much the same as EN....and their customer service is in a different world to EN's. I always use to tell people how good EN was but not anymore. To my mind they have got too big for their boots and implements changes just for iCandy and not because it actually helps anyone. A hell of a lot of people use EN to help run their businesses and they are being let down very badly by EN at the moment. It could even be losing people money or God forbid, their entire business. EN need to get a grip on reality and sort all the problems out that they have currently or mark my words they won't be a 100 year business as Phil Libin wants but a very quick to die business.
  2. @grberk Why not send an e-mail to the people at Diigo? They are very responsive and actively encourage people to suggest things to them. It might be that they are already working on what you need. I e-mailed them to ask about sending my e-mails in HTML format directly to Diigo and my individual lists and within a week that feature had been rolled out. To be fair they were already working on it but hey...it seemed very good that I got what I wanted so quickly...
  3. I was having the same problems as everyone else with the web clipper and as a result I looked around for something else to use. Not just because of the web clipper but more because of the woeful customer service from EN. I was a Premium User with over 2500 notes, many of which I use for business, but I have cancelled the Premium subscription and I'm in the process of switching everything over to Diigo. In many respects Diigo does the same as EN, in some ways it does it better, the web clipper works fine, you can create new folders/lists on the fly, there is a very good and working phone app, and best of all their customer service is very good. It seems they have support scattered around the world so no matter what time of day or night you contact them someone seems to get back pretty quickly...and not on a forum but by personal e-mail. I ran Diigo alongside EN for about a week but soon found that Diigo does everything I want. Amongst other things it can cache webpages very easily, tags work great with searches and generally it's very adaptable. It didn't take me long to sign up for a Premium account, which is slightly cheaper than EN. EN would have to improve dramatically before I return to it. Also, as someone has already stated on this thread, when Google make changes to their API most other apps get everything sorted in a couple of days. EN don't even seem to acknowledge that there is a major problem. Take a look at the comments on the Google Play Store about the clipper. There are very few satisfied people there.
  4. @ dirko I've had pretty much the same problem as you, as have thousands of others looking around the web, and I've basically given up on Evernote due to the fact that very few people are getting a response from EN. I'm now using Diigo which has a very good good clipping system. Diigo is basically the same as EN but with a few added extras plus very good and fast response customer service. I still have 2500 files in Evernote but I'm slowly either moving them over or getting rid of them if I no longer need them. If like me you use EN for business then it's vital that everything works all the time. We can all accept the odd glitch that is fixed quickly but these problems have been dragging on for a long time now and I doubt that EN have either the resources or knowledge to fix them. From reading other comments both on the EN forum and others it seems that everytime they fix one thing something else breaks. A bit like the little boy putting his finger in the the ***** to try and stop the flood. After the trial version Diigo costs about the same, maybe slightly less, than EN for the Premium version.
  5. @jbignert If you read every post then why on earth don't you or someone from Evernote make an official announcement about all these problems, and not just the web clipper, instead of putting the occasional comment or remark on here? Better still get Phil Libin to make a statement! The people on this forum complaining are just the tip of the iceberg.....there are thousands out there across a number of forums having a right go about EN and doing untold harm to your business....or doesn't anyone at EN care? That's the impression both I and many others are getting. One man band developers are doing a better job than you at customer service! It seems as far as customer care goes you are all way out of your depth. I'm sorry to say that EN has gone from hero to zero in the last few months.
  6. Likewise I was until recently a brand champion for Evernote and would always promote them if someone was looking for an app like Evernote....but not anymore. After the recent problems and EN's seeming lack of customer care and support I have been looking around for something else. I have now started using Diigo. Their customer care is on a different planet to EN. I had a few queries about different aspects of Diigo compared to what I was used to in Evernote and every single time I got a personal e-mail response within an hour. It seems that they have staff all over the world so no matter what time of day or night there is someone there to help. I queried about sending e-mails to my Diigo account as it was only sending a note and not the full HTML as EN does. Not a problem was the response. We are working on it and it should be available within the week. And sure enough this morning I got another personal e-mail advising that it is now available and it works beautifully. I'm an EN Premium subscriber, but not for much longer, and I have been paying monthly but to change to annual payments you have to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. With Diigo you can just change your subscription level in app without all the hassle. Another thing is that with EN I have to set up new notebooks before I can save to it but with Diigo you can start new notebooks, or Lists as they call them, on the fly. In way EN have done me a favour as everything seems to be easier with Diigo and by causing all the problems that EN have done recently and by their seemingly woeful disregard for their users it has made moving easier. EN is a good basic concept but they seem to have lost their way totally recently and in my opinion have got too big for their boots. They are trying to do too much too quickly and have lost sight of the basic premise of their programme. Maybe one day I will use Evernote again but once I have moved out my 2436 notes I'm cancelling my Premium subscription and turning out the lights on EN...not that I suppose they care one bit.
  7. Interestingly as a result of all these recent problems with the Web Clipper I have been trialling other similar programmes to see if I can find a replacement for Evernote. One of those that I have been trying out I came across a problem. So I sent them an e-mail detailing the problem but not holding my breath based on the level of customer service on here. Anyway, within 4 hours I had a reply, not a generic one but a personal one, asking me to try a few things. Within 30 minutes after another e-mail in each direction, the problem was solved. This is a company with over 10 million users worldwide and only 12 staff!! So why on earth can't Evernote be that efficient? If they were there wouldn't be thousands of disgruntled users all over the web forums!
  8. I have just spent an interesting, and enlightening, hour reading posts across the Evernote Forums. Not just related to the Web Clipper but across all platforms and all browsers. It seems that everywhere people are complaining about Evernote....lack of response,.....no visible customer service....nothing getting fixed etc. Yet you still continue to issue new updates etc, which quite frankly don't make much difference to what went before and in some cases make things worse. How many people do you have working in Customer Service? One? It certainly seems like you don't have enough staff to handle everything. Add that to the fact that different browsers and operating systems are running on different versions of Evernote. It's about time you all took a step back and got everything across all platforms and browsers on the same versions of EN and fixed all of the outstanding problems before releasing anything new. An interesting article by Phil Libin was in the UK press this weekend where he was saying that he wants to get everyone on the planet using Evernote. You are one hell of way off of even getting it right for those that use Evernote at the moment let alone the whole planet. I think it's about time Evernote addressed these issues before a lot of people starting looking for and moving to alternatives. I also think it's about time the technology press were made aware of the issues that you seem to having and how you seem totally unable to get things fixed in a timeous manner. Evernotes reviews across the web used to be 5 out of 5 everywhere....now frequently disillusioned people are marking it down to 3 out of 5 and also moving from Evernote to Diigo, Memonic, Springpad etc. Far from everyone in the world using Evernote it could find itself going down faster than it rose.
  9. I have the same problem but don't expect a reply form anyone at Evernote any time soon...if ever! I have been banging on at them for weeks now about this clipper and the only time I got a response was when I sent a Twitter message to Phil Libin and he got one of his lackeys to send a reply which was of no use and didn't solve the problem. They seem to forget that it is us the users that ultimately have made Evernote as popular as it is today but already I have seen hundreds, possibly thousands of people levaing Evernote for other apps. It's like banging your head against a wall trying to get any response from them. Not even an acknowledgement or comment anywhere that there might be a problem. Now it seems that Mac users are having problems after the last Evernote update for Macs. It seems like more and more they are releasing nothing better than beta updates and letting us poor mugs tell them what is wrong. Stop all the updates across all platforms Evernote and get everything working properly!!
  10. During this whole sorry story I have learnt two things about Evernote. Firstly the app itself is great...as long as it works. Secondly Evernote's customer support and customer care satisfaction is one of the worst...if not the worst...I have ever come across in all the years I have been involved in IT and business. A simple message of the main Evernote site and on Google Play, Amazon Store etc, to admit there was a problem and that they were looking into it would have helped people no-end instead of taking virtually no notice of the comments and vitriol that has been on the Internet for the past few weeks. It seems that they are more interested in back slapping each other at the Evernote Conference recently and making icandy updates that aren't necessary rather than taking any notice of the people that put them in the position they are today. Remember Evernote....be nice to everyone on your way because you might meet them on the way down! I know of a number of people who have either cancelled their Premiun account or left Evernote altogether, including one London based design company with over 30 staff and a multi-million pound turnover that have, at much pain, angst and hard work to them, moved their entire business from Evernote to 2 other apps. And guess what? The customer service they received was above and beyond the call of duty from the 2 new companies that they use. Evernote in my opinion have grown too big for their boots and have forgotten about the core users who at the end of the day make software app companies what they are. And there are still loads of very negative reviews on the Google Chrome store everyday...and still Evernote make no comments. Read the comments on there for once Evernote...or don't you care?!
  11. Still no apology and still thousands complaining around the web. What a way to run a business. Check out the Google Chrome Store and see what people are saying about it on there...and that's just one site. People are leaving in their droves to Springpad, Google Docs and others. Maybe Evernote don't care anymore.
  12. It seems like despite what Evernote say this implementation really wasn't tested enough before release. It's no better then a beta release at best. User after user after user all over the Internet are coming out with lots of different problems everyday. This really isn't good enough Evernote. Your reputation has taken a severe battering over this fiasco. I sincerely hope that lessons have been learnt and no release of Evernote on whatever platform will ever be released again until it is proven to be rock solid.
  13. And still no apology from Evernote that I can see. Meanwhile bad publicity is all over the Internet about this problem and many many people are turning to Springpad, Devon Think, Asana and other products.
  14. You say that you test extensively but what does that mean? Testing on a couple of computers for a few days or testing on many computers over at least 2 weeks to a month? I suspect that you are trying to release too much too quickly and consequently mistakes are happening and software is being released before its ready...a bit like the way Apple release things these days. It would be better to have a large number of Evernote users as Beta testers rather than releasing something that quite obviously wasn't ready. The consequence of which is that you have had really really bad press and comments around the world the last few days, have lost some Premium users, have most probably lost a lot of new or possible future users. The only winners are apps like Springpad who I understand have had more downloads of their software in the last few days than they normally have. Once a company's reputation is damaged it is very hard to get it back and make up lost ground and get users back again. People will be very slow to trust any updates in the future. It wasn't helped by the fact that no-one from Evernote came out, held their hands up and said "hey...yes there seems to be a problem and we are working on it". Instead things just festered, peoples backs got up and comments got more and more angry and users more alienated. Hopefully Evernote will learn something from this because if they don't then other software companies are going to be the only winners.
  15. Whatever I do I can't make the clipper work. I am cancelling my Premium account and looking for an alternative app. I can't function and run my business the way this is now. I certainly won't be recommending Evernote to anyone now like I used to do. After many years of working in the IT and design industry this is the worst implementation of a so called upgrade that I have ever come across...and I have worked on multi-million pound contracts! An e-mail is on it's way to Phil Libin. Not that I imagine he cares. Any decent company after so many complaints would at least put out a news release apologizing for the problems that people are having and saying that they will get it fixed ASAP but from Evernote...nothing!
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