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  1. I am having the exact same trouble. When I first upgraded the clipper last night, it was working fine. *edit* After saying this, I tried clipping another article as 'simplified' and it worked quickly and normally. It auto-selected my notebook, I didn't choose a different one. The other article requires that I select a different notebook. I wonder if this is part of the bug? Might be random.
  2. Another thing I would like to suggest... I am using the Chrome clipper, and when I try to select a different notebook I cannot click to scroll with the scroll arrows on the side. It closes the selection window. I have to use my mouse scroll wheel, which is alright, but since my wheel is a bit broken and there 'are' scroll arrows to view all of your notebooks, it would be nice if they worked. I also second less clicks to save a note. I do love how you can add markup notes, do screenshots and quickly simplify articles. Those are really neat features.
  3. I am using the Chrome app, but it does not freeze my browser. It does however say 'cannot clip article' today. It seemed to work earlier just fine.
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