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  1. If you are using the latest 6.2 release, you can find those 40 notes with DN: by searching for "DN:". It should stop the prefix matching, and should not return notes with DNS/DNA/midnight but not the exact word DN at all. Unfortunately, we have a known issue with our search highlighting, and so it could still highlight DNA, midnight, DNS, etc. We are working on fixing this misleading issue as well. Yay! I upgraded and it works now! Thank you. Now if you'll let at the HTML so I fix broken formatting...
  2. What I used this for, or would if Evernote would search properly, is a bunch of notes that I've created and put DN: at the beginning of the title so they'd be easy to find later. But, as noted, searching for DN: doesn't work properly. You mentioned that Evernote doesn't index punctuation. That's broken. If it's a character I can type it should be searchable. But, okay, that's broken and we have to work around it but then I search for DN and Evernote finds DNS. Again, broken. Match what I type as a whole word and don't match anything else unless I ask you too. My point is something that I see broken in a lot of applications. The app is written to help the most ignorant user so when I type DN in the search box it matches every possible instance of DN. That's fine, I have no objection to that AS LONG AS THERE'S AN EASILY FOUND OPTION TO DISABLE THAT "FEATURE". I am really, really tired of apps that handicap more advanced users by not letting them do a proper search. I have about 2700 notes and about 40 that start with DN:. It should be easy to find those notes with "DN:" (quote to get an exact match) or ^DN (regex for start of line) or title:DN (I only want to search the titles of my notes) but Evernote doesn't give me any of those options. Instead it makes me wade through notes that contain "DNS" and "didn't" and "DNA" and "midnight". Evernote is currently the best note taking app I know of so they're getting my money. But Evernote is not even close to as good as they could be and the instant someone comes along with better search and the ability to clean up bullshit HTML I'll happily move to them. To me, it seems that Evernote is rest on their laurels waiting for competitors to catch up. You can put quotes around DN: to stop the default prefix matching, aka search for "DN:" (with the double quotes). It should match notes with "DN", "DN:", "dn=", but not "DNS", "dnoonnan". As to the symbols like colon, Evernote fulltext search currently does not index such symbols. Most symbols are treated as word delimiters, instead of part of the word. Example 1: if the note contains DN-ABC, you can find this note by 'DN', or 'ABC'. Evernote note search does not cover infix matching (which will not only slow down the search if # of notes become big, but also return many unwanted results). That is, searching for 'N', 'BC', 'C' will not get you the above note. Example 2: if the note contains Latitude:51.23, you can find this note by 'latitude', or '51.23'. If we indexed symbols like ':' and treat it as part of the word, then the user will only no longer be able find this note by '51.23', because we do not support infix matching. With the above being said, there are some uses of symbols we want to reevaluate sometime. For example, the pound character in "C#" or the leading at symbol in "@Awfki". Such uses should better be considered as part of the word, rather than a word delimiter.
  3. I didn't search for "DN" I searched for "DN:" and Evernote decided I didn't really want to include the colon in my search. That's the bit I'm irritated about. Step 1 of the search process should be "look for exactly what was typed", if that doesn't find anything then I'm okay with step 2 being "try variations in spelling or remove punctuation". Evernote skips step 1, doubtless in an effort to "help" the user, but in my opinion that makes it broken. I have a number of notes where the title starts with "DN:". Some of them also have that as a tag but tagging requires an extra step and sometimes I'm in a hurry.
  4. Evernote, like way too many other apps, trys too hard to help. When I search for "DN:" I do NOT expect that to match "DNS" or "dn=" or "dnoonan". The search needs to match the string I typed and NOTHING else. Holy ***** things like this make me nuts. Just do what I ask and stop helping in unexpected and unwanted ways.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I did a complete uninstall and re-install and that seems to have fixed it. So far.
  6. Just upgraded to Windows (from 4.x) and I like the interface changes which look more like the 5.x on my Mac. Unfortunately I'm regretting the upgrade as it locks up every 5-10 minutes. It might still be re-indexing in the background but I can't tell. Regardless, I'll do something, edit a tag, search for something, etc, and it will give the hourglass and not come back.
  7. Please bring it back. The new clipper is pretty but you've crippled it by removing useful features. In the mean time I don't suppose there's a way for me to go back to the old version?
  8. I second the motion for an option to disable "Smart" Filing. It's not smart enough to pick the right folder so I'd greatly prefer that you just drop new notes in my default folder. Related notes has the same issue, it's not that smart, but I do have an option to turn if off. I would also add that the Save button is WAY to far down the page. Can we move it up please? Anyone know why my Web Clipper icon has a number "2" on it? Edit: Ahhh, the number is apparently clips that haven't uploaded. Odd, as I'm pretty sure the clips I've made today are showing up in the desktop client.
  9. I don't know about "6.0", my build number for Web Clipper (Chrome) is "43d3cb5/" but I really, REALLY, dislike the save button being way, WAY down at the bottom of the screen. Very inconvenient, please fix. Thank you
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