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  1. I had this problem too -- very annoying as my notes contain 5 different languages, so there's red everywhere. Work-around: install an older version of Evernote, 10.7.6 (released Feb 1, 2021). To do this, first uninstall your current version of Evernote (settings --> apps --> click on "Evernote", select "uninstall"). Download Evernote version 10.7.6 here : https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/windows/download/3202932 (The download is from a 3rd party site but it is safe, but if you want to be certain, find the file in your downloads folder, right click it, and have your anti-virus program scan it.) If you now go to Tools --> Preferences and uncheck "Check Spelling while typing" in this older version of Evernote it turns off the red underlining everywhere, including in separate windows.
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