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  1. I won't claim I did an exhaustive seach, but I did read a lot of notes that turned up when I searched for the above error message. The one thing I noticed was that everyone that got the error seemed to have a different root cause and solution, and mine didn't seem to be consistent with any of them. So perhaps someone could tell me what this means. I'm running (156554) on 32-bit Windows XP. I think this might be the relevant line, but I haven't a clue how it could have gotten in to this state, nor how to fix it: 08:58:28 [6360] 0% Synchronizing 1 note08:58:28 [6360] 0% Updating local note "UCD.pdf"...table expunged_items has 4 columns but 3 values were suppliedI don't share notes with anyone. I used Evernote from another computer I have, and found the note that included the PDF attachment and deleted it. I looked for it on the machine that is failing, but it doesn't exist there. I believe I was using Evernote to make the PDF available on several machines. I have a feeling I created it on another machine, but on this one it fails. The machine it works on (64-bit Windows 7) is version Any suggestions appreciated. 08:58:27 [6360] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com08:58:27 [6360] 0% * loaded updateCount: 360508:58:27 [6360] 0% Synchronizing ads08:58:27 [6360] 0% Reporting 20 ads, language: "en"08:58:27 [6360] 0% * clientProperty: [client]=[EvernoteWindows]08:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=774, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=577, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=578, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=749, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=634, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=735, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=782, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=576, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=752, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=756, impression time=120 count=108:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=758, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=687, impression time=120 count=108:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=628, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=754, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=720, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=751, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=777, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=759, impression time=0 count=008:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=738, impression time=120 count=108:58:27 [6360] 0% * ad id=703, impression time=0 count=008:58:28 [6360] 0% Retrieving 15 ads08:58:28 [6360] 0% * ad id=803 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/803" image/png 12.8KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=803&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=99.704096 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 7% * ad id=815 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/815" image/png 12.5KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=815&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=93.791768 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 13% * ad id=810 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/810" image/png 12.5KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=810&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=84.455593 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 20% * ad id=811 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/811" image/png 12.1KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=811&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=79.801350 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 27% * ad id=807 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/807" image/png 17.5KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=807&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=74.440671 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 33% * ad id=806 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/806" image/png 14.2KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=806&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=70.429549 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 40% * ad id=812 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/812" image/png 13.3KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=812&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=62.978410 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 47% * ad id=813 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/813" image/png 12.3KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=813&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=50.999783 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 53% * ad id=809 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/809" image/png 15.4KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=809&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=44.107918 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 60% * ad id=634 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/634" image/jpeg 17.1KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=634&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=43.023348 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 67% * ad id=808 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/808" image/png 16.7KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=808&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=42.021588 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 73% * ad id=720 size=(125x125) advertiserName="EvernoteBusiness" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/720" image/jpeg 10.3KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=720&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=39.754394 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 80% * ad id=814 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/814" image/png 11.8KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=814&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=14.348020 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 87% * ad id=805 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/805" image/png 12.6KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=805&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=10.881187 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] 93% * ad id=804 size=(125x125) advertiserName="Evernote Market" imageUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/img/804" image/png 13.3KB destinationUrl="https://www.evernote.com/prom/click?i=804&u=9880383&a=evernote%20windows&v=156554" displaySeconds=120 score=6.836917 openInTrunk=008:58:28 [6360] Commit failed: code=00000102, ITEM_NOT_FOUND, error: "Database exception: CantGetStatement "INSERT INTO expunged_items SELECT guid, type, ? FROM items WHERE uid = ? AND guid NOT NULL AND type IN (1,2,4,5,6)", error: table expunged_items has 4 columns but 3 values were supplied"08:58:28 [6360] 100% Can't commit transaction, error: ITEM_NOT_FOUND (Database exception: CantGetStatement "INSERT INTO expunged_items SELECT guid, type, ? FROM items WHERE uid = ? AND guid NOT NULL AND type IN (1,2,4,5,6)", error: table expunged_items has 4 columns but 3 values were supplied)08:58:28 [6360] 0% * loaded 1 sync chunks, updateCount=360708:58:28 [6360] 0% Client updateCount=3605, server updateCount=360708:58:28 [6360] 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server08:58:28 [6360] 0% * saved 1 sync chunks, updateCount=360708:58:28 [6360] 0% Synchronizing 1 note08:58:28 [6360] 0% Updating local note "UCD.pdf"08:58:28 [6360] 0% * guid={0CBA3A6E-3011-46A1-ACE0-87DB593FC0CF}08:58:28 [6360] 0% * Retrieving note content, length=30308:58:28 [6360] 0% * guid={0cba3a6e-3011-46a1-ace0-87db593fc0cf}08:58:28 [6360] 0% * Creating local resource "557a9358104ab16412d5aef62feaf7ed"08:58:28 [6360] 0% * rsrc={3786A6A1-E581-47AA-9124-DA571BFBA44E}, note={0cba3a6e-3011-46a1-ace0-87db593fc0cf}08:58:28 [6360] 0% * Retrieving resource data, size=4490808:58:28 [6360] 0% * rsrc={3786a6a1-e581-47aa-9124-da571bfba44e}, note={0cba3a6e-3011-46a1-ace0-87db593fc0cf}08:58:29 [6360] Commit failed: code=00000102, ATTR_NOT_FOUND, error: "Database exception: CantGetStatement "INSERT INTO expunged_items SELECT guid, type, ? 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  2. Sorry. The mobile app has to go. I will put up with a lot of UI idiocy, but not data loss. I just spent 30 minutes editing a note on my PC. I had one reason for doing that: because I was making a list of everything I needed to do over the holidays, That's... what Evernote is great for, right? I spent a long time thinking about, work, PCs, the holidays and the shopping and planning I needed to do. When I was done, I hit the sync button, then picked up my iPhone. First off, it always takes me 15 minutes to find the SINGLE most important control on the Evernote app: the sync button. Why is it so deeply hidden? Why isn't it predominate on every page? What could POSSIBLY be more important than keeping all your data in synch? I found it. Eventually. Clicked it. I have NEVER gotten satisfaction clicking "sync" on the mobile app. It flickers on and off, and... what? Nothing. Did it sync? Really? Why does it take longer for my desktop app to sync than it does for the mobile app, especially when I'm on a slow data plan with spotty wifi? But I clicked, so it synched, right? How to tell... Ah! Let's look at the note I've been editing for the last half hour... Um, that's weird. Its right there on the splash page. Because it was a recently edited document, right? I mean, it KNOWS that and thats why its at the top of the list. But if that's true, why is it showing data from last week in that note snippet? Ah it must be because its a snippet. It'll update when I open the document. Well... it didn't update. Let's sync again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Ooooooh. I bet the desktop (PC, BTW) app didn't sync. Okay, back to desktop. Sync. Updating promotions. Oh, thank God. It won't update my data, but at least the marketing BS is current. Sync. Sync. Sync. Sync. Sync. Okay, gotta be synced now, right? Cause if it didn't work the first time, SURELY it worked on the fith or sixth? Back to the iPhone. YAY!!!!!!! It synced. Open the document and... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. The THUMBNAIL is up to date. But the *NOTE* isn't!!!!!!! Sync. Sync. Sync. Nothing. Okay, back to the desktop. Sync, Sync. Sync. Here's a thought. The mobile app has data that's well over a week old. The Windows app has data I just spent a half hour editing. BUT... just in case, let's try something. I'll make another change on the desktop, another sync, and then take a look. Change. Sync. Back to phone. Sync. Sync. Sync. Hmmm. No change. I still see CURRENT data in the thumbnail, but week old data in the note. Well, okay. Maybe I can get its attention if I change the WEEK OLD data. [About now all the old timers are screaming "NO! DON'T DO IT! OMG!!!!!!", but of course this is AFTER the fact, so I didn't hear them, or the internal alarm bells going off in my head] Okay, let's add a period to a line on the note that won't sync on the iPhone. Sync. Now, back to the Windows app. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!! IT SYNCHED!!!!!!! *NOW* *THE* *WINDOWS* *APP* *IS* *SHOWING* *THE* *WEEK* *OLD* *DATA* *FROM* *THE* *IPHONE* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. CTRL-Z. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. UNDO. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Oh yeah. I'm not premium. I can't get back my document history. Even though the mobile app just wiped all my hard work, I have to buy a premium account if I want my data back. Wow, that is *so* not gonna happen. Its gone dude. Stop crying over spilled milk and a half hour of your life and ALL the things you needed to remember during the holidays. Its gone. And so is the mobile app. Jim
  3. Hi! I have the same problem. I had reset Firefox and uninstalled all my addons because they were interfering with application testing (I'm a developer). With NO other addons installed at all, Evernote Web Clipper refuses to install,with the message: In thread http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37162-unable-to-install-web-clipper-in-firefox-instal-in/ someone outlines a process where you create a new profile, delete everything in it, copy your old profile in to it, and restart, which seems to work around the problem. Is this the recommended workaround? Jim
  4. Just a quick remark about making Evernote "visually less cluttered". Its not like you don't know this, but big controls, lots of space between controls, and so on are visual gimmicks. "Less cluttered" to me is the ability to shrink the app as small as possible and still be able to use it (somewhat). For me, this is about voluntarily (and temporarily) dispensing with functionality at my fingertips. I want to trade off the myriad of capabilities and options for less space and a simpler interface. But the key to all that is to simply make EVERYTHING (or almost everything) optional. You can never satisfy everyone all the time, but the more customization you put in the user's hands, the more people you will satisfy, and for longer. Early in my software engineering career someone once told me that if you "discuss" which way something should be implemented for more than five minutes, then you should make the behavior controllable by the user. If two high-paid engineers can't agree, your customers never will. And if you multiply your five minutes by your millions of users, that a lot of wasted time on a feature on which no on can ever be "right", but everyone will have their own "worthless opinion" about. The single best place to put all your complexity is in the "settings" pages. I am immediately skeptical of any application that has very few "options". No one gets it right all the time, but its software. We have the power to control the complexity. If you are really worried about users complaining of complex settings screens, then take a hint from the graphics panels on computer games. Invariably you have, for example, a "video" control panel with the handful of settings that almost every user will tweak at one time or another, and then the "advanced" panel for the hard core tweaker. Another fine example is the about:config in Firefox. I love the dialog that warns "This might void your warranty". Probably 90% or more FF users will NEVER open the about:config panel, but for the power users who can't live without the ability to micro-manage their apps, its nirvana. Another quote I love is "The reason you can't make software foolproof is that fools are so ingenious". In software development it is SOOOO true. You can NOT protect your users from hurting themselves, so don't cripple them in a failed attempt to try. Jim
  5. Okay, its true. I'm beginning to find Evernote indispensable. Thanks for a great product! But... (always a "but") I have to get something off my chest (I'm feeling a little cheeky after discovering that the support ticket page only accepts 500 characters, so please bear with me. I *do* like the product. See, look: SMILIES! :) ). I just installed version 5.0 on a new system and I HATE IT! (version 5, not Evernote) My Windows laptop runs version 4.6.7 and there is a bar in the app with the note title and a folder selection pulldown. But there is also a tiny little Carat right on the very right edge. That little Carat is my friend. Do you know what the Carat does? It lets me get rid of all the useless clutter that I have no need of. I click it once, and a bar appears over my note window with the useless url and useless add tag button. I click again and I get an even BIGGER bar with tons of "stuff" (this might be a family forum) in it that I am not interested in, or already appears in the document list, like dates and location and who knows what other "stuff". But here's the cool part. I click it a THIRD time... and all the useless "stuff" goes away. My window is clean, uncluttered and fully functional. I REALLY LOVED that little Carat. I WANT IT BACK! But do you know what I want back even more? The HUGE amount of my window that is completely unmovable and unresizable sitting RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my Evernote window between the document list, and the note window, which are the ONLY two things I want there at all. Ever. (Note-ed?) Simplicity. I read articles on the internet ALL THE TIME how there are folks that take one look at Evernote and feel its "too complicated". I agree. What has enabled me to use it is that I've been able to weed out all the stuff I don't need, like the folder list in the left panel. There are TWO folder selection drop downs (three if I don't click my carat enough times) that let me choose folders in the article list and note panel. WHY would I want to dedicate half of my very tiny laptop screen to a redundant "drop down" list that doesn't roll back up, but just sits there TAKING UP SPACE??? There are a couple other new space wasters in version 5.0. The "Customize toolbar..." feature used to let you customize the great big yawning empty spot to the right of the menu. No more. Now its UNDER the menu, with miles and miles of space to the right of the menu that I will never get back. But its no big deal, the customizable toolbar can be customized, right? I only EVER used two buttons there (synch and new) and I can use the menu instead (since its not going away, like the way it does in Firefox) and get used to living without. Right? Oops! Wrong. I can "customize" and remove ALMOST everything from the customizable menu bar. Everything EXCEPT the search bar. So NOW, I have ANOTHER huge chunk of real estate, completely lost, that I can't get back. And there's something odd with the edit tool strip. It kind of pops in and out kind of at random. I DON'T get back any real estate when it goes away though, it just covers up the bottom of the ugly panel that won't go away either. Neat. Simple. Clean. Windows suffers TERRIBLY from feature bloat. There are so many apps out there that you can't even fit all the icons on the screen. Gah! In fact, if I had a choice, I'd make the 4.6 app EVEN SIMPLER! I'd love it if the note list and maybe even the menu bar had friendly little Carats. Where have all the Carats gone? (Long time passin') Also, 10 seconds after I type in the note title I can live without the title bar. And I'd love to have a button that let me open and close the edit strip easily so I could stop looking at it when I don't need it. Heck, sometimes I double click on a note and get rid of the Evernote window completely. But its not very satisfying, since there's alot of stuff on the individual pop-out note Window. And I'm paranoid, and I like to click "sync" a LOT, and I just have to go back and re-open the main window to do that (Not really. I can use the menu - or F9 - since I can't get rid of the menu...). Anyway, please take this as tongue-in-cheek but also as constructive criticism. You have a balancing act to perform (I'm a 35 year software developer, so I understand). Some of your customers can't get enough. But I have read about how intimidating Evernote *can* be for Window phobes, or just people like me that stare at a screen all day and want to get back as much of my screen real estate as I can. But, PLEASE! Keep up the good work. Evernote has a permanent place on my desktop, even if I have to upgrade. Hmmm. Have to look in to that. Can I downgrade to version 4.6?
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