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  1. Ok, so the release notes are incorrect then. Thanks for letting me know. Hope this is included in a near update. Looked into TextExpander for this, but it is not supported by EN (yet?)
  2. Hi. I am not seeing date and time stamps in the shortcut menu on my iPad. What am i missing?
  3. +1 premium user. Yes, we want classic linking in EN for iOS
  4. Hello. I am in a Windows environment at work, using OS X at home and iOS8 in between. EN on all platforms and OmniFocus on the Apple devices. Outlook at work is set up with a VBS that forwards any emails of my choice to Omnifocus. What I am missing, is a way to send stuff from my EN on Windows to Omnifocus. To do this, I downloaded the attached script from asianefficiency.com. This script is supposed to add notes tagged with "review"in EN, to OmniFocus and include a link directly to the note in the local EN app. By leaving the Mac at home on, with EN, Lingon 3 and Omnifocus running, all EN notes I tag with "review" in Windows at work should be synced back to EN on Mac at home and then be read by the Applescript and added to Omnifocus on the Mac. This is again synced to my iOS8 device, which I intend to use as my task manager at work. Now, it seems to more or less do this, but something strange is going on with the "review" tag in EN; it seems to be copied in increments ("review 1", "review 2", "review 3" etc..) and sometimes removed entirely and then changing tags on notes from "review" to one of these copied ones. The script will only touch notes tagged with "review", so for many notes it does not do anything. Also it deletes the tag entirely from EN. I want the tag to remain in the taglist and have tried with unassign instead of delete in the script, but that just leaves the tags on the notes, so Omnifocus keeps getting copies of the same notes over and over.. Im suspecting my issues may have something to do with multiple devices syncing EN together, creating conflicts, but I don´t know much about this stuff. Anybody who understands what is going on here and is able to help me? Evernote2Omnifocus.rtf
  5. Hello, In lack of Clearly on iOS, I am using the Lightly bookmarklet in Safari. However, the articles that contain header images are copied over to EN only with plain text. In Lightly, The article looks as it should, image and all in nice format. Please see attachments for screens of Lightly and EN. Does anyone know why it looks so different in EN and why the image does not carry?
  6. Although EN in its current state is not state of the art task manager, it can certainly be effectively used as one. I am looking to Matts take on GTD over at afterthebook.com, using EN, and it works very well. -Especially together with the new iOS 7 EN update Some kind of mapping between notes and their content would, in my opinion, enhance EN in more areas than task management.
  7. I second that. It could be taken a step further too; partial completion of a checkbox based on amount of completed sub tasks, similar to Zengobi's Curio... It would also be great if check boxes, or other parts of a note for that matter, could be linked and related to parts in other notes. This would be very valuable in, for example, a master project note with a number of belonging action notes, in a GTD system or similar. You find similar functionality in Outlook tasks/OneNote..click complete on a checkbox in a context task note and its corresponding task checkbox in MPN also updates. I understand these are big asks, but it would make EN so much more than an advanced electronic file cabinet
  8. +1 For two way linking/integration between Evernote notes and Outlook items (also through an Exchange Server), similar to OneNote.
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