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  1. Hm... That sounds like a good idea. I will try to find something like that.
  2. Well, with 27,000 notes in a few hundred folders in Evernote, I would prefer that the export just recreated the folder structure the notes were already in. So, even if what you suggest would probably work, I would never have the patience to do it if I ever wanted to move to another provider - or wanted to keep my files on my own machine. That's why I find keeping the well structured documents on my machine the only way to work this. If a complete export would place the files according to the folder structure I have in Evernote, it would be a different question. In that case I would not be worried about deleting the files on my computer.
  3. To me it is a mess as my files are organized in folder structures (both on the computer and in Evernote), but the Evernote export just creates a single flat list of folders - or am I doing it wrong?
  4. I think my main reason for not wanting to have my documents in Evernote exclusively is that I would then become completely dependent on the Evernote product and would not be able to switch to another provider if I ever wanted to do that. I know that they have a feature for exporting the files but the result is a complete mess that I would never be able to put back in the structure I had it in on the computer. Until they make a decent export that returns the files in a way that can actually be used, I will not delete the files from my computer.
  5. Yeah, sorry I called it synchronization. Anyway, I work from the computer and would not want to open the files in Evernote all the time. It's great to have them in Evernote if I ever need them from another device but it would not make sense for me to set the folder import to "delete source".
  6. The duplicates come from the automatic folder synchronization. If files or folders are moved or renamed it generates huge re-uploads of the exact same files. If you get a new computer and setup synchronization for the same files again, they all get uploaded again. I understand that it can be difficult for the synchronization to understand what is going on in these cases, but I think it is important that the tool can later clean up the mess.
  7. As your product is quite bad at identifying when a file already exist in Evernote it would be of great value for Evernote to be able to identify and (offer to) delete entries that are exactly the same. Having to go through an inventory of 25.000 files (most are probably duplicates) manually is simply not doable.
  8. I just noticed that the Audible app (on Android 5.0) also allows you to choose where the audio books get stored. This should not be a big deal for Evernote to implement.
  9. I do not agree. Why would it not make evernote fix the problem sooner? They have to prioritize and this is a clear signal that their users find it important. Also, I will not be going away. I am a huge fan of evernote and will probably keep using the software forever - even if it is just the free version (except if someone offers a better product). Finally, even after cancelling my subscription I still have my premium account for a few months. In this time I have the same service as allways. For now the only difference is that evernote will no longer be guaranteed my money at the end of the cycle.
  10. I have now cancelled my premium account, too. I left a link to this thread with my reason for cancelling the account.
  11. Is anybody from Evernote reading this? It would add huge value to the product if we could have the offline folder on an external memory card.
  12. I am also an unhappy premium user that do not understand why this issue is still not resolved. I could not believe it when I found that Evernote cannot store offline folders on the external memory card. This is an absolute must if the program is supposed to be the best solution for storing your notes.
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