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  1. I just noticed that the Audible app (on Android 5.0) also allows you to choose where the audio books get stored. This should not be a big deal for Evernote to implement.
  2. I do not agree. Why would it not make evernote fix the problem sooner? They have to prioritize and this is a clear signal that their users find it important. Also, I will not be going away. I am a huge fan of evernote and will probably keep using the software forever - even if it is just the free version (except if someone offers a better product). Finally, even after cancelling my subscription I still have my premium account for a few months. In this time I have the same service as allways. For now the only difference is that evernote will no longer be guaranteed my money at the end of the cycle.
  3. I have now cancelled my premium account, too. I left a link to this thread with my reason for cancelling the account.
  4. So, there really is no excuse why they are not fixing this.
  5. Is anybody from Evernote reading this? It would add huge value to the product if we could have the offline folder on an external memory card.
  6. I am also an unhappy premium user that do not understand why this issue is still not resolved. I could not believe it when I found that Evernote cannot store offline folders on the external memory card. This is an absolute must if the program is supposed to be the best solution for storing your notes.
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