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  1. Thanks Phil Wright for your suggestion. I'm also getting delivery errors when I've tried to Email a Copy of my Evernote from my Mac. I tried sending to several accounts, including Gmail. I'll contact tech support as well.
  2. After several years, is nobody from Evernote going to address this, at least in this forum? That is a good workaround, @EverTed. It's a shame that we have to do this tough. I looked up this forum topic because I'm listening to a podcast for work, and taking important notes in Evernote on my iphone. Having to look up this feature, then to find that it doesn't exist, is a waste of all of our time. And as many other users have suggested, this seems like a basic feature that has been requested for YEARS. So instead, my note now has a bullet item that is 4 or 5 times the size of ev
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  5. While that will work, it's a bit laborious. For those that need to do this often or want a simpler method, see: Copy file or folder path to the clipboard in Mac OS X Lion I use this and it works well. Thanks, JMichael. I'll try it out!
  6. You need to hit "Cmd. + K" to create the link, NOT just paste the link. FYI: I'm on a Mac, and the shortcut ("alias") did not work for me, either. I also found another way to find the file location (on a Mac): 1) Type Cmd. + i (i as in "iceberg"), to reach the "Get Info" window. 2) About 4 lines down in the window, copy the file location from the "Where" row. A sample file location looks like: "/Users/sampleusername/Documents/2014/work_mileage_2014" 3)Paste that file location after "file://" to create something that looks like "file:///Users/sampleusername/Documents/2014/work_mileage
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