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  1. OK - thanks all. I think I've enough to go back and talk to my colleague now...
  2. It smacks of re-inventing roaming profiles really! I'll talk again to the colleague about whether the web client would suffice. As I said I *could* hack things to make it work of a network drive but I'd like to see something here to say "Yeah, that should be ok" or "Don't Do That!!!" ;-)
  3. Possibly bad form to add to an old topic after so long, but my question is related. We are looking at using Evernote for some of our students who may login to any of 1000 or so computers. It would be nice if, instead of having to sync their data everytime they login to a machine (appdata\local is cleared at logout) we could store the data on their personal network drive so that only the updates are needed. We redirect AppData\Roaming to the network drive. My suspicion from the previous answer though (and the fact you can't even select a network drive in Tools -> Options) is that this is at best not supported and at worst risky for data? Would I be right? Thanks
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