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  1. Thank you gazumped, I will try that :-) Best, ALex
  2. Hi, first of all Evernote is great and I really love it .. Please continue like that :-) Yesterday I bought the Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500. My idea is to go paperless as much as possible. Therefore my goal was to scan all magazine articles into evernote and have their awesome OCR scanner do the work. Unfortunately yesterday I found out there is a 1 GB traffic limit as a premium user. In average, the magazine articles I scanned with color 150dpi have around 500kb per page... That would mean I have around 2k pages only per month even though I d like to scan many articles.. My question is now: Does anyone have the same issues and is there a solution for that? Did anybody scan via Fujitsu to local drive and use an OCR Software like Omnipage which I found via google? http://lifehacker.com/5624781/five-best-text-recognition-tools Most important for me is to have searchable PDF; either local or in cloud. Would be very happy about your ideas. Best, Alex
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