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  1. Although first view is positive I don't feel there is great advance respect v5. But I'm not a heavy user and maybe I'm missing something. Positive Nice interface Coloring of tags, very helpful for finding notes Negative Too white interface Tags show only on the left panel, not easy to reorganize. It was better when they appeared on the note panel when double clicking on "tags" where you could drag and drop Tag list does not appear when searching, I don't remember all tags used F10 does not work for hidng left panel. Would be nice to open/close left panel with, maybe, double-click I can see Tags and Notebooks in the left panel. I can't see "All notes" that was in v5 What about "saved searches"? I can't see how to save a search and place in shortcuts
  2. Thanks again gazumped Finally I could raise the ticket. Logged into my account, pasted your link in the browser and sent the ticket. Yesterday I also tried Twitter but... Not a good support
  3. Hi When clicking your link I get to the support form but I am not logged. If I log to my Evernote account this points to my notes then I can't reach the support form. I'm sorry but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Im not a Premium but a Plus user. Thanks again
  4. Hi I asked the question here because I couldn't contact the support staff. Raising tickets is not working now. Still waiting for my ticket number. Also tried Twitter Good app, bad support.
  5. Hi I'm using Nitro Reader. But Evernote freezes just when clicking on print. It also hangs when selecting the page configuration option in the menu. Please, see the menu options that make Evernote stop at this image http://www.evernote.com/shard/s162/sh/06b399b7-ad94-41b5-93d5-293918edcb44/200d52f91ad2c3362588fa93d969e6df
  6. Thanks gazumped and jbenson2 I'm also using and Evernote freezes with print preview or when directly trying to print the note to a pdf.
  7. Hi Using version 5.9.1 on Windows 10. Now Evernote freezes when trying to print to pdf any note. Anyone there with this problem? Thanks
  8. Penultimate for Android, the only way to become premium. No need to pay for less service than iOS.
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