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  1. Thanks! What is confusing is that on the "How to use Templates" page, the language used under how to save templates is: " Repeat this for as many templates as you’d like to save." No limit is mentioned anywhere on any of the template pages. Maybe it is in the videos, but I cannot listen to those, so I need to read text. Thanks again. VA
  2. Hello,I am trying to utilize several templates in my work, but when I went to save a template just now, I got a message "You've reached the limit of 20 templates." I am a premium user, and cannot find any language about limits on the number of templates I can save. Any ideas? I love templates, and the limit of 20 is, well, quite limiting!!
  3. I really hope this post isn't buried in with rest (unless, of course, somewhere in the hundreds of comments, someone already talked about this!) In the previus EN version, I could click on a notebook, then click on a tag, and it would automatically display notes that matched both criteria. In EN 5, this is not working. For example, I have a notebook called "Next Actions" which represent my to-do items. I then have tags by project and day, etc. When I now click on Next Actions, I get the 50 notes I have entered. When I then click on one of my tags, (in this case 14 for fourteenth day of the month), I see notes associated with this tag across ALL notebooks, not just Next Actions. The image I have attached is the search bar when I click on a tag (in this case, 14) Ideally, when I click on the dropdown menu for notebooks, and select "Next Actions", I should see all notes from the Next Action notebook with the tag "14". But, instead, I am just given all notes in "Next Actions" notebook again, and any reference to the tag is lost. BTW, this is clearly a bug in ver. 5 for Windows - this click to search feature works PERFECTLY with my online EN account.
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