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  1. p.p.s I've just seen the power of bringing all of the information within EN to work on the task right within EN rather than opening other software or email clients etc to work on things. Dragging all of the information RIGHT THERE alongside the task reminder feels great.
  2. Also, I have tasks that are complete but I need to follow up the other party to make sure they act on what I've just sent them. How would you handle those tasks? Just remove the "now" tag and add the "pending" tag? Or should I come up with a new tag called "Follow Up" ? Any thoughts on that?
  3. FAO Extropy, I have just spent 15 minutes implementing the steps you've taken. I had Gmail labels called Urgent and non-urgent I had Mac Reminders called Urgent, non-urgent, urgent chase-up, non-urgent chase-up And I have many more categories in Mac Reminders. I've just emptied most of those folders and labels and dumped it all into EN in the way you've suggested. At first I didn't think it could work and my body was tense. But now that I've dragged it all across and I've saved those shortcuts, I can see the power of it. I have a question that I hope you can help. I have many different categories of tasks such as: - Personal tasks - Work tasks (I'm self-employed so I have many varied tasks to oversee) - Bills to pay/archive - Logging my 2 year old daughters latest artwork photos - Logging my thoughts about "unschooling" my daughter and building up a case to present to family members - Complete tasks that relate to some community work that I do My point here is that sometimes I'm in the mood for a certain category of work, not just things that I want to complete "now" or "next". Sometimes I would hate the idea of doing some work but I've got some energy to clear a few personal tasks. Do you have any tips on how I can further sort those tags to help me only be presented with the sort of tasks that I've currently got energy for? Thanks
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