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  1. nobody a good idea? i have a great workflow now. working with hazel and pdfpen, all is fully automated scan->folder->rename->ocr->outboxfolder->evernote->processedfolder but still no clue if there is a good way to ocr the old files and force a sync to evernote.
  2. Yeah good idea, will check because i found a way via ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/ and then search for all pdfs, then i could drag them in adobe acrobat and ocr them. which does work very well. also in evernote they turn up great. the only thing what i should do is force a resync to the evernote servers. of course i need to be carefull with the upload limits. but i only uploaded like 300mb which will be reset in 20 days. but thats fine with me. maybe someone know how to force resync?
  3. That sort of sums up my procedure of choice as well now. but allready did between 400 and 500 multipage scans. hope i can do something with that. there is no way to go to the source folder somewhere in my mac's library do batch ocr and resync or something. not sure if that will work.
  4. Hi all, I'm a week in my Evernote workflow. So far so good have like 500 documents in and things are great. I noticed that the OCR of the ScanSnap 1300i slowed things down for me a lot. S I turned it off to let Evernote handle it. Which is some what great but i noticed one problem. Te OCR of Evernote does not make documen text selectable while adobes or scan snaps OCR does. What I would like to do is batch process all originals for background OCR (just found a better way so I doesn't slow it down) but is there a way I can bulk change originals without losing notes tags and the folder that they where in?
  5. Yeah using a gmail plugin. but the thing is.. the best way to export is just save attachments and thats where it goes wrong. for now i print to pdf and the manually add it to evernote. really not ideal but have not found a better solution just yet. if someone knows how to export all notes via pdf via a tool or something by tag that would be amazing. (the notebook contains all receipts and statements combined. and get seperated by tags)
  6. Currently use the most recent mac version. But what i mean is mainly the situation where i clip a email invoice (like you get from shutterstock, or other services that not send you a pdf receipt) those get not exported well only the attached image get exported. (saving attachments)
  7. Thats a great suggestion to add dates in such format. is what i do for my photography (have like 5 project each week so that counts up aswell).. But when talking about letters, or tax things i get a lot of follow up letters, which i would love to combine. im thinking of tagging it or something but that would be a horrible task.
  8. Hi all, Im using evernote to go paperless anytime soon. but the most important task for me in my small business is collecting receipts of credit card payments. my accountant needs these statements with all receipts connected to it. but these exists of scanned pdf's of receipts or paper invoices and clipped email notes. when i export these the clipped emails do not get exported well. What i currently do is. My statements are per month. so i made a tag "cc 09-2013" that stands for credit card september 2013. works amazingly well. i got everything from 03-2013 to 09-2013 in there already. CloudHQ is something i tried, but therefor it needs to be in a seperate notbook, and if needed i will do that but if there is a better solution that would be amazing.
  9. Hi all, I'm using evernote for a few days now. but the main thing i'v been missing a lot, but maybe there is a solution but i just do know of yet. But i have a lot of documents, that are followups on each other.. Or another case can be, i have a credit card statement and want to attach all the receipts to it or something. is there a good solution?
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