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  1. I see what you are saying. It might work, but I'm skeptical that two dozen non-techy people will all buy in to a change like this. I don't normally like to turn dictator unless it is absolutely necessary, so I don't demand something if they really don't want it and I really don't need them to. I'll try it on my own, and if it's easy enough I will present it to them. Until then, I continue to hold the opinion that Evernote should provide nesting capability. I will admit, I hadn't thought of doing it the way you are suggesting. It seems to me that bringing this up causes people to be annoyed. I feel as though I'm being told to shut up and do as I'm told with this. People seem to look at the profusion of complaints regarding this issue as a very bad thing. On the contrary, I think it's a good thing. If a large number of people complain over a long time it may eventually be enough to get the feature. At a minimum, aren't message boards a place where you can provide opinions? As long as this nesting problem exists, a significant percentage of new message board users will complain about it. It's the only reason I checked out the boards at all, and I'm sure this will continue to be true with many people in the future. You may not get EN to add the feature, but you DEFINITELY can't stop people from complaining about the problem, so if anybody needs to accept anything, it's the complaints that need to be accepted without annoyance. Nobody is trying to ruin another person's day. They just want to tell someone they are frustrated that this feature isn't offered. Some people are saying I need to work within the limits of the software or use it as-is because it won't be changed, etc. I would disagree with this. I certainly don't have to use it. Unfortunately, OneNote has it's own problems, as does all the other possible solutions I have found. I'm leaning towards other methods of doing this. I'm even considering using Paperport 14 even though I would need to create a separate Word doc for every note. The nested organizational structure may be worth the extra hassle. I also don't believe it can't be changed. Whether or not I go with something else, I will definitely fire off a complaint wherever I can to encourage EN to provide the feature that so many people want. One correction: "Sure they care. But just because they care doesn't mean they will implement everything every user asks for. (And certainly some things users ask for would contradict each other.)" This was right after a quote from me: "we talk about what customers want all the time whether we respond to their requests or not." Clearly I'm aware they won't implement everything." As far as implementing everything a user asks for, I'm not suggesting that. I'm suggesting they implement what seems to consistently be the most requested feature their users ask for. Also, nesting doesn't contradict anything I'm aware of. BurgersNFries: I will try the tag method you suggested. If it's easier than I'm thinking I'll try to implement it with our staff. Otherwise I'll keep using the free version for personal use until they add the feature. I will also look for places to post a review for the software. In any event, I appreciate the help. Reed
  2. All companies care about what their customers are thinking, whether they respond or not. Companies that don't care about this don't survive long. I'm a CEO and we talk about what customers want all the time whether we respond to their requests or not. The "argument" here is simple. Do we just accept that they won't provide the feature or do we keep talking about it until EN thinks it's a big enough headache to do something about? Or maybe give bad reviews, etc. To me, it's a big enough deal to do this. BurgersNFries: If you think tags can easily deal with the issue I would be happy to hear how this could be done. Keep in mind, the solution has to be simple enough to be followed by a couple dozen people, most of whom don't currently know what a tag is. They will collectively be managing thousands of notes. I'm not being sarcastic here. If there is an easy way I'm all for it.
  3. Clearly, nesting is something quite a few people want, including myself. It seems there are a number of people who argue in favor of tags instead. This may work for them, but in some cases there is no substitute for nesting, at least a couple more levels deep. For example, my company needs one level with vendors, customers, employees, etc. Starting from customers, we might go to "Customers>ABC Company>Long Term Projects>Project Number 6". We have hundreds of customers. There is no reasonable way to deal with this using tags. I made the attempt and it was very cumbersome (unusable). I currently use EN for personal use and it works great for that. I use the free version. I would be willing to switch to the business version for about 26 of my employees as soon as EN supports the ability to reasonably manage large numbers of notes. Until then, it doesn't make the cut with us as a serious productivity tool for business use. Reed
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